#1NLaunch – Plante Moran Tax Reform Playbook PWA

July 20, 2018 Tanya Lord

From PDF to Digital Experience: Amplifying and Digitizing a Key Content Offer

 The Situation
After the United States Congress approved the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), Plante Moran – one of the nation's largest certified public accounting and business advisory firms – developed a Tax Reform Playbook to help its clients understand how the new tax reform legislation would impact their business.

When it came time to bring this content offer to its target audiences, the firm was looking for a more interactive vehicle for delivering this campaign than the traditional PDFs it had produced in the past. Plante Moran challenged One North to develop an immersive experience in 30 days or less, knowing the content’s impact and timeliness had an initial shelf life of about 90 days.

The Strategy
One North decided to build a Progressive Web App (PWA), encouraging Plante Moran to take advantage of an emerging technology to optimize the experience and better align it with users’ content consumption habits. This required the team to shift its approach to scoping and workflow, forgoing formal documentation and review in favor of a more iterative process.

The two teams met weekly to share progress, make decisions and prioritize/refine the features and functionality of the initial MVP release of the PWA. This approach helped keep the 30-day timeline on track and allowed the teams the flexibility and trust to work both smart and fast to achieve that goal. Additionally, by integrating the PWA with a data feed that comes from the firm’s Sitecore instance, content management for the app would be familiar and painless.

The Results
The Tax Reform Playbook PWA provides an optimal experience on all devices, from desktop to smartphone. The first time a user visits the Tax Reform Playbook from a mobile device, all of the app’s data and assets are cached, allowing that same user to seamlessly access the content again – even when offline or experiencing a slow connection. Gaining access to the app is as simple as clicking a link, and each future “release” is automatically pushed to the users’ devices the next time they’re connected to the Internet, eliminating the burden of downloading the app or keeping current with subsequent updates. 

Plante Moran Tax Reform Playbook PWA

From an engagement perspective, clear and focused calls-to-action make it easy and intuitive for users to connect with a Plante Moran tax professional. Having this content live digitally makes measuring its effectiveness possible, and much more actionable. Beyond understanding impressions or downloads, the Plante Moran team can more accurately track conversions and achieve its main goal of connecting its people with clients and prospects for a consultation. So far, more than 10 percent of visitors have clicked on the Ask an Expert button. Users are also very engaged with the content, with over 43 percent of traffic to the app coming from repeat visitors.

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