#1NWebinar - Getting Personal

Business and relationship development have been an increasingly important focus for law firms. So much of business development centers on one-on-one conversations with current or prospective clients, where lawyers are able to mold their message to the unique needs of each individual. Likewise, pitches, proposals and RFP responses are finely tuned and tailored to each deal.

Join Jeff Small and Sarah Levine Meyer as they discuss how you can extend this customized approach to your digital marketing strategy. They explain the difference between explicit and implicit personalization and suggest techniques your firm can employ to better anticipate a website visitor's needs and tailor messaging more appropriately to them.




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Jeff Small

At the time of publishing, Jeff Small was One North's Director of Technology Solutions.

Sarah Levine Meyer Managing Director, Client Partnership

As the Managing Director of Client Partnerships at One North, Sarah consults with clients on the creation and execution of strategic programs to enhance their marketing, business development and knowledge management goals. Her expertise lies in understanding the role that digital plays in supporting these efforts. Sarah immerses herself in each of her clients’ unique business landscapes and develops a deep appreciation for their objectives and challenges. She seeks to establish long-term goals and short-term solutions with connected measurement strategies, and provides support for complex internal communications.

  • Favorite color: When I was a little kid and people asked me my favorite color, I’d say, “Rainbow.”
  • Last thing you geeked-out about: I like strategy and logic puzzles and games. A lot. I used to do LSAT questions for fun while my husband was studying for the Bar.

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