#1NWebinar: Talent Brand - The Missing Piece of Your Brand Puzzle

June 14, 2018 Sarah Mueller

Talent Development Manager Sarah Mueller describes the untapped element of brand every professional services organization should be taking advantage of: the Talent Brand. Attracting, engaging and retaining top talent is an essential activity for marketers and HR professionals alike, but what really helps a company stand apart from the rest in a highly competitive talent market is a well-defined and unique talent brand.

During her webinar, Sarah breaks down the meaning of a talent brand, shows what a successful talent brand in action looks like and gives you the tools needed to start your own talent brand initiative.




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Sarah Mueller Head of Talent & Organization Development
+1 312.873.6763

As Head of Talent & Organization Development, Sarah oversees recruitment, talent development and HR at One North. Sarah completed her M.S. in Organizational Development & Leadership, with the intent to expand her expertise in human behavior and adult psychology to drive strategic planning initiatives that serve employees and ultimately, clients. Combining belief in human potential with a focus on business outcomes, Sarah drives people strategies which enable One North to attract, engage and retain top talent.

  • If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be and why?: I would be a fruit. And I would be grapes. Because grapes are often served with cheese. And I’d love to hang with the cheese. #Wisconsinite
  • Favorite breakfast food: I don’t eat breakfast, but I eat about 6 dinners per day.

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