4 Ways to Integrate Social Media in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

June 30, 2015 Vinu Krishnaswamy

Social media is now table stakes for digital marketers, and the relationship between your website and the social sphere is a huge part of your digital brand.

One common challenge marketers face in this area is generating referral traffic to their websites via social media. Many websites get minimal social referral traffic, some as low as .03% of total site visits.

Integrating social media into your website can help increase engagement and content consumption, but, most importantly, it helps you gain control of how your content and website is presented in the social sphere.

Here are four tips on how to better integrate social media into your site:

Make website content easy to share
Share buttons should be visible with a clear call-to-action for each platform. Identify which social platforms make sense for your business—Twitter or LinkedIn may be more valuable to your brand compared to Facebook.

Implement Open Graph tags
Having complete control over the content shared through your social channels (and through your followers’ retweets and shares) provides viewers with relevant information to draw their attention to your website. Open Graph (OG) tags give you this control by allowing social platforms to automatically pull in the correct image, headline, description, URL and site name of shared content. For a closer look at how to implement OG tags on your site, check out our tutorial here.

Embrace Google+
I like to refer to Google+ as “the golden goose that lays SEO eggs.” This powerful brand identity platform has a lot of influence. Taking ownership of Google+ is important because Google will create a page regardless, and you need to ensure its portraying accurate branding and messaging. There is also a strong correlation between Google+ activity and Google Search; the more content shared on Google+, the higher that piece of content will rank in search results.

Analyze sharing activity
Measurement is a key element in any digital marketing strategy and knowing if your content is reaching your users is crucial in order to optimize and improve social media efforts. Each social platform offers insights and analytics on how your content performed, including metrics such as post reach, impressions, clicks and engagement (likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc.).

As search engines like Google and Bing continue to place more importance on brands’ social media activity, marketers would be wise to emulate that focus in their digital marketing and website strategies.

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Vinu Krishnaswamy Director, Solutions Architecture

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