6 Personas of the Holidays: Your 2016 Party Strategy

December 13, 2016 Olivia Koivisto

It’s that time of year again: where all types of folks express their passion (or lack thereof) for the holiday season in varied and distinct ways. We know how important it is to plan and strategize, and the holidays are no exception. 

That’s why Team One North compiled and defined six holiday personas for you to consider in your festive strategy planning, including how to keep your personas happy at this season’s holiday party.

Nora Nosey
For Nora, the holidays are the time of year to catch up with old friends and discover how her relatives spend their time … usually through cyber stalking and chatroom gossip. Her phone consistently dings with notifications of various “interest groups,” and there’s no question she won’t ask her nieces and nephews. Her one complaint at every holiday party is that the music is too loud, impeding her eavesdropping abilities.

To Consider:

  • Content Preferences: Public social media profiles available for every family member
  • Favorite Gift: Beeswax chapstick
  • Holiday Drink: Tea

Strategy: To keep the Nora Nosey in your life happy, consider telling her about a topical milestone. Whether you recently moved, found a great new coffee shop or bought a puppy, letting her in on your “secret” will leave her feeling satisfied. Remember, choose your news carefully. Everyone at the party will know about it by the end of the night.

Greg Grouchy
Unlike his cheerful counterparts, Greg actively avoids holiday spirit with Grinch-like passion. He posts about his December juice cleanse instead of the city’s snowfall, and rolls his eyes at holiday-themed hashtags. Greg usually calls in sick on the day of his company’s gift exchange, but the one time he went, he wrapped an outlet mall gift card in that day’s newspaper.

To Consider:

  • Content Preferences: A smart filter that marks all holiday emails as spam
  • Favorite Gift: Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Holiday Drink: Water

Strategy: If you have a Greg Grouchy to deal with this holiday season, try not to force festivities on him. In the off chance he shows up to the party, make sure to mix up the playlist with some non-holiday songs and make the gift exchange optional.

Larry Last-Minute
Larry very rarely notices when the holiday season begins. He’s a man constantly on the go, usually skipping any email without the word “URGENT” in the subject line. Oblivious to Cyber Monday deals, Larry usually finds himself googling holiday gift guides the day before present exchanges. He generally means well, but hates holiday business hours and resorts to buying cards from gas stations more often than not.

To Consider:

  • Content Preferences: Overnight shipping options
  • Favorite Gift: Prime membership
  • Holiday Drink: Espresso with a shot of peppermint

Strategy: If you’re hoping to see Larry at your holiday party, you’ll need to be persistent. Set email reminders and start leaving clever sticky notes for him at least four weeks in advance. These varied and consistent reminders will hopefully make it into his subconscious, and maybe – just maybe – he’ll show up to the party.

Molly Millennial
Molly loves the holiday season, mostly because she sees boosts in her follower numbers. Constantly tweeting, snapping and posting all while using ironic, yet effective hashtags gives her an edge while planning the creative for her dorm’s holiday card. Her worst fear during this time of year? Letting her grandmother – who does not have WIFI – host the family’s annual party.

To Consider:

  • Content Preferences: Quick load speeds to stay connected on multiple platforms (that most people have never heard of)
  • Favorite Gift: Unlimited data on her cell phone plan
  • Holiday Drink: Gingerbread Latte, Skim, No Foam, Splash of Sugar-Free Organic Vanilla

Strategy: Keep Molly engaged by asking her to help out at the party. Request that she takes photos or help create a “blog-worthy” table setting. This way, you can use her energy positively and she won’t tag your event as #boring.

Kelly Crafter
Kelly believes the holidays were made for her talents. She loves everything craft-y and is constantly perusing blogs, clipping art store digital coupons and building out her Pinterest boards for inspiration. She believes love is woven into every one of her projects, so when her hand-painted acorn centerpiece ends up at the kid’s table, she can’t help but question her cousin’s taste.

To Consider:

  • Content Preferences: DIY blogs on everything from wreath-making to dog treat baking
  • Favorite Gift: Hot glue gun with laser sensors
  • Holiday Drink: Homemade hot cocoa

Strategy: Kelly usually loves the holiday season, so take advantage of her enthusiasm during the festivities. Ask her to create some budget-friendly decorations or to lead a craft table for children. While it’s true her projects can be hit or miss, showing your appreciation for her work will leave her feeling satisfied into the new year.

Thomas Tipsy
Thomas, more than anything, loves a good party. Whether at an “ugly holiday sweater” party or dinner with his ultra-conservative grandparents, you’ll find Thomas searching “Drinking Games” on his phone. He doesn’t understand the “point” of sparkling grape juice, but loves holiday karaoke and is very familiar with the Uber app.

To Consider:

  • Content Preferences: Large font, larger buttons and very sophisticated auto-correct.
  • Favorite Gift: Beer-of-the-Month Club membership
  • Holiday Drink: Spiked Eggnog

Strategy: Luckily, the Thomas Tipsy’s of the world are easy to please. Have cold beers and a pack of cards on hand and he’ll be singing carols until dawn. Just make sure there’s coffee available (and consider hiding the schnapps) to keep the good times rolling.

The holiday season brings out all kinds of people, and it isn’t always easy planning parties with every one of them in mind. But, with the right strategies in place, any party can be considered a success. Whether your office gathering is filled with Greg Grouchy’s or you’re navigating through a family event bursting with Nora Nosey’s, we’re sure you’ll throw an amazing holiday party.

Happy Holidays from the entire One North team!


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