Benesch Law Enhances User Experience with New Web Presence

July 17, 2013 Tanya Lord

User experience is arguably the most important factor in the success of a law firm website. Combine touch-friendly design, intuitive navigation, client-focused content and advanced search capabilities, and, in a nutshell, you have the new Benesch Law website. Here's a flash case study of the firm's website challenge, the chosen solution and the impressive results.

The Benesch Law site had become outdated and didn’t accurately reflect the firm’s brand and level of business focus and professionalism, nor had it been developed to accommodate an increasing mobile audience with heightened expectations in relation to personalized and dynamic web content. The overall website user experience was in need of a major overhaul.

After careful evaluation of online/interactive and web design providers, Benesch chose One North Interactive (One North) to develop and launch a vastly different, dynamic website that would tackle these challenges.

The firm identified a robust number of web project objectives, with a keen focus on improving the site’s information architecture in order to ease information access. A key to accomplishing this was re-thinking the way the firm advertised and promoted its practice areas. Other goals in the website redesign included:


Provide Robust Search
The search and find functionality was completely revamped to increase desired search results from outside the company and within. Now, clients can easily filter searches by attorney, publication or experience, and firm attorneys can find out what experience may exist regarding a certain type of company or industry – saving them the hassle of long email chains and info requests.

Focus on Client-Centric Marketing
Benesch is dedicated to building a deep understanding of its clients’ businesses and industries and prides itself on providing business-minded and team-oriented solutions to legal problems. The new site showcases the firm's experience through the lense of its clients and includes testimonials and case studies on the homepage. 



Create a New Look & Feel
The firm decided to go bold with the redesign, with a dark color palette and large, client-centric imagery to support client highlights. Benesch also opted to use a single-page homepage navigation structure, with parallax scrolling to add an element of movement to the site.


Make it Social
Benesch really wanted to incorporate more of the firm’s social media and blog posts on the new site and, with the help of One North, added a ‘What’s Trending’ section on the bottom of the homepage, where the firm can highlight up to six of its social profiles or industry blogs at a time.


Go Mobile
With an increasing percentage of website traffic coming from mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, the firm decided to create a mobile site experience that fit these users’ unique needs. Visitors can now easily search for an attorney’s contact information or directions to one of the firm’s nearest offices with the touch of a finger.

Benesch Law's redesign helped the firm prioritize its clients and how it can serve them better. Based on the new site and overall appeal and theme, the new mantra for clients and prospects is, “Here’s how we can help you.” Since the site went live, Benesch Law has seen a major increase in page views and visitors, and its Facebook and Twitter profiles have tripled in the amount of followers and links.

Thanks to social media and proactive marketing and promotion announcing the new site, Benesch’s website saw an increase in web traffic by nearly 20,000 visits, and site page views went up 6% in the First Quarter of 2013.


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