BEST OF APRIL: Inspiration and Insight from the Past Month

May 15, 2015 Akhilesh Pant

Here is a roundup of our favorite links from April:

How Micro-Moments Are Changing the Rules
This short piece identifies "intent-rich" moments when users temporarily break from their routine to quickly research or source ideas on a device (usually a smartphone) and argues it is imperative for marketers to deliver the most relevant information to the user in those moments.

Consumer behavior has changed forever. Today's battle for hearts, minds, and dollars is won (or lost) in micro-moments - intent-driven moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that occur throughout the entire consumer journey.

Sridhar Ramaswamy,

No More Pogo Sticking: Protect Users from Wasted Clicks
The tendency of users to immediately return to a routing page (e.g. Homepages, landing pages, search results pages) upon clicking a link on that page is called “pogo-sticking." This behavior is often triggered when users are unable to find relevant content behind a link, which can be a simple failure of link labeling or a larger issue in user-expectation-setting/interpretation. This article explains how we can track pogo-sticking behavior and analyze its causes using qualitative research.

Users pogo stick from a page because the content found upon arrival was disappointing - somehow the destination did not match the expectation set by the page leading to it. This mismatch between a link and its corresponding page chips away at the credibility of the website, and at the brand as a whole.

Aurora Bedford, Nielsen Norman Group

What Really Matters: Focusing on Top Tasks
A common problem when designing for the web is letting go of enabling “tiny tasks” that a small contingent of users may or may not come to a site to complete. It becomes difficult to focus on the quality of the major marketing-centric and business-development-focused user pathways when they are diluted by fringe use cases and functionality. Gerry McGovern lays out a methodology for identifying “top tasks” by engaging a large number of internal stakeholders, soliciting their feedback about user tasks and analyzing results to get a clear picture for what users must be able to do.

Digital is a space of endless replication. It has never been easier to create - and create, and create. People love to publish, but they hate to remove, which leads to overloaded websites and constant, inevitable redesigns.

Gerry McGovern, Customer Carewords

Video Metrics Every Marketer Should Be Watching
As more organizations gather resources to produce high-value video material, it is important to go far beyond view count as a metric of success. This piece suggests tracking play rate, average engagement/duration, call-to-action completions and social sharing. The author does not suggest tools for doing so, but we know platforms like Google Analytics are actually well-equipped for such measurement.

If you look under the hood of what really drives a video strategy, it becomes clear that view count is primarily a vanity metric. You have no guarantee that these views are driving your business forward.

Kristen Craft, Wistia

This redesign got all kinds of hype, mostly because of its personalization features. Apparently sports fans have strong preferences.

Inside Abbey Road
An immersive tour of Abbey Road studio in London, complete with narration and simulation games that allow you to try out an old J37 console (what the Beatles recorded "Sgt. Pepper" on), tape effects and a classic microphone collection. The high-definition photo spheres and ambient sound give users the feeling of being in an actual venue while scrolling features tell compelling stories of various artists and explain the history and mechanics behind the studio equipment.

Inside Abbey Road

A great storytelling approach for a decidedly creepy piece of equipment. A key highlight: The copy appears in digestible pieces with a clear set of taglines, accompanied by manageable explanation of technical specifications for the target user.

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