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September 12, 2014 Josh Amer

Welcome to our “Best of” Series. As part of our commitment to trusting in collaboration, thinking forward and going for the extra-ordinary, we’re always circulating ideas, discussing the latest trends and experimenting with new tools and technologies. And now, we’d like to share the fun with you! Follow this monthly series to stay up-to-date with the articles, design trends and interactive tools that we love … and you should know about.

Before we say goodbye to the final month of summer, here’s a roundup of our favorite links from August:

Microsoft Wants You to Say Farewell to Ye Olde Internet Explorer
Microsoft is ending support for older versions of IE and will move toward only supporting new versions in 2016 (so, don't panic, you've got some time). For more of our thoughts on what this means, check out Michael O'Laughlin's post on our blog.

Microsoft seriously wants users let go of older Internet Explorers and move on -- so much so that the company has even set a deadline.

Mariella Moon, Engadget

Ways to Avoid Overwhelming Users: Lessons Learned From My High-School Teachers
In a recent Smashing Magazine post, contributor Jon Bernbach relates his limited attention span in high school to how web designers should think about presenting their digital content.

I would want to use an application or website the same way I learned from my environmental science teacher: simply and intuitively.

Jon Bernbach, DOOR3

Google Now Considers Website Security for Search Rankings
Google has announced that it will begin using website security within search rankings, in order to encourage more website owners to keep their users' information safe.

Bienville Capital
With minimal text and easy-to-read content, this site is another example of fantastic digital design. Notice, too, that the video changes depending on the time of day.


Lots of new and improved design on the updated site for Quartz, one of the early pioneers of the pageless design. Highlights include a new Obsessions section, displaying curated content on particular topics, and a full screen search function.


Wired UK
Large photos mixed with larger photos help direct the visitor to really important content and give a sense of priority in this new redesign for Wired.


Key elements of this site include the simple navigation techniques, such as arrows to previous and next stories, found throughout the site that help the visitor continue clicking.


As always, we're happy to hear any and all suggestions you may have for good reads and creative digital design - comment below! And be sure to check back monthly for the next installment of our "Best of" Series.

In the meantime, check out some key takeaways from the opening sessions of this week's Content Marketing World conference.


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