BEST OF DECEMBER: The Last of 2014!

January 07, 2015 Josh Amer

Happy New Year! New Year, new month…new “Best of” Post! Check out what we’ve been circulating and discussing over the past month:

Everybody Scrolls.
In a tweet series entitled, There is No Fold, noted web thought leader Luke Wroblewski points to several studies to illustrate the end of the fold, one of which is Everybody Scrolls. This article provides some insight into general scroll habits as well as ideas for visual cues to help encourage scrolling.

Designers should choose cues for scrolling based on the content, the business category and the overall design. Does the content feature block text, images or video?…All of these variables will affect the optimum placement and effectiveness of scrolling cues.

Rebecca Gordon, Huge

A Link is a Promise
This article covers some of the fundamental principles behind links, and how a good experience with links promotes trust between you and your users.

Any broken promise, large or small, chips away at trust and credibility. The words in a link label make a strong suggestion about the page that is being linked to. The destination page should fulfill what the anchor text promises.

Kara Pernice, Nielsen Norman Group

Human to Human Marketing: A Trend for 2015 and Beyond
Robots are cool and all, but people like to be treated like people. This article does a nice job of outlining some of the ways that brands can start to connect on a more personal level.

With technology comes the constant influx of information thrown at consumers from every which way on a daily basis. Out of necessity, we’re all learning to be selective. This has, in turn, forced businesses to reevaluate their approach to marketing.

Jess Marranco, HubSpot

This site uses a unique animation technique to illustrate how ideas move from sketch to reality. One example in particular is on the site’s homepage, scrolling triggers the animation that moves from sketch to image.

NuSil Site

Google’s Year in Search
Aside from answering the question: “What did people search for in 2014?” this site is a really nice example of storytelling, using imagery, data visualization and video to help stories come to life.

Google's Year in Search Site

The Best Website Designs of the Year
This is a really nice collection of the best sites of the past year, organized by month. You may recognize a few of these from previous “Best of” posts!

The Best Website Designs of the Year Site

That’s it for this month! Be sure to check back monthly to see more of our “Best of” Series.

Want to see more of the best? Explore some of the past posts we’ve had in the series to see what you may have missed.


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