BEST OF FEBRUARY: From Reebok to B2B Buying

March 11, 2015 Josh Amer

Here's a roundup of our favorite links from February:

Do you really understand how your business customers buy?
This article focuses on some changes that McKinsey is seeing in buying relationships within B2B. Hint: It's starting to look a bit more like consumer buying.

Welcome to the new dynamics of B2B sales...Just as the digital revolution has transformed once-predictable consumer purchasing paths into a more circular pattern of touch points, so too B2B selling has become less linear as customers research, evaluate, select, and share experiences about products.

Oskar Lingqvist, Candace Lun Plotkin and Jennifer Stanley, McKinsey & Company

Radical Redesign or Incremental Change?
Which of these is better for the user? The answer is both. It's a matter of scenario. Websites are living things that site owners must continually measure and improve to stay competitive. Sometimes, though, market changes require a full redesign. It’s best to plan for both scenarios.

Don't let panic or boredom lead you astray. When embarking on a site-redesign project, companies sometimes fall prey to 'the grass is always greener' syndrome. That is, they believe that other people (or companies) have it better, even though this belief can be completely false.

Hoa Loranger, Nielsen Norman Group

Links are broken. These three alternatives have improved our readers' reading experience.
Sometimes readers need to have a lot of background info before they really understand something you've written. This article proposes ways - other than simple links - to provide context for content without requiring the visitors to navigate out of the reading experience.

One of the most distracting phenomenons during reading are links. They keep pointing us to directions that are probably valuable, but at the same time force us to make a decision: to click or not to click.

Sebastian Kersten, De Correspondent

Reebok: Be More Human
Compelling content with a compelling delivery, this site from Reebok is divided into three different experiences, well-designed with heavy use of imagery, microinteractions, videos and animations.

Reebok: Be More Human

Cool product site for a really cool sounding app, the homepage of which uses a long scroll to take you through an example of the kind of business trip expenses that can easily be tracked with the app. After each expense type (which is shown with video or imagery), there is an explanation of how the app helps - tying the real-life experience to the features and benefits of the app.


This site features nice microinteractions and illustrations throughout. I'm partial to the details in the site's menu, including the animation for the collections' section. Bonus points for Child Mode, which just turns the site into a game.


What? There's More? February proved a very impressive month for website design - explore even more examples of incredible digital experiences to further inspire you and your team:

Spotify Year in Music

Spotify Year in Music

What If We Could Rethink Digital Healthcare?

Fantasy case study

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