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July 15, 2014 Josh Amer

Welcome to our "Best of" Series. As part of our commitment to trusting in collaboration, thinking forward and going for the extra-ordinary, we're always circulating ideas, discussing the latest trends and experimenting with new tools and technologies. And now, we'd like to share the fun with you! Follow this monthly series to stay up-to-date with the articles, design trends and interactive tools that we love ... and you should know about.

Here's a roundup of our favorite links for June:

Digitizing the Consumer Decision Journey
This article explains how to create - and why you should create - digital strategies for each stage in the consumer decision journey.

...two-thirds of the decisions consumers make are informed by the quality of their experiences along their journey...

Edwin van Bommel, David Edelman & Kelly Ungerman,
McKinsey & Company

Why Responsive Design is the Cornerstone to Any Mobile Strategy
Google says it's best for SEO, it's easier for content creators to manage and it creates a more seamless experience as visitors move from device to device.

We highly recommend you choose responsive web design, and we’ve got the proof to back it up.

George Glover, Social Garden

Let it Go: Say Farewell to these 5 Web Design Trends
Text heavy sites, content written for search engines instead of humans and more things we'd like to see less of on the internet.

Web design is always changing, and if you cling to old trends, you’ll soon find your shop left in the dust.

Ilya Pozin, Forbes Contributor

Avoid Format-Based Primary Navigation
We've been saying this for some time, but here's a good article that reinforces the notion that you shouldn't include primary navigation that is based on formats (e.g. Video). Visitors are looking for content type first - formats are secondary to their inquiry and should be left for secondary ways of navigation, like filters.

Navigation should not be like a box of chocolates: people must know what they are going to get before they bite (click).

Aurora Bedford, Nielsen Norman Group

The World of Swiss
The mix of content in this long scrolling site creates a highly engaging way to present facts and expose links to a full immersive experience, including full screen videos and infographics.

The World of Swiss -

Dock's website is a unique, microinteraction-heavy real estate site; look out for the unique panel turning effect to transition between pages, the custom cursors and the clever, condensed navigation tool (i.e. hamburger menu) that quickly shows all options to orient the user, before collapsing.

Dock -

Google's Material Design
Google unveiled it's new design standards with an inspiring style guide. As you click through, you'll discover a highly detailed guide to both large and small aspects that factor into a complete, connected experience.

Google's Material Design -

This site is a community reaction to negative press about Airbnb in New York, presenting video and infographics to display compelling stories and facts. 

AirbnbNYC -

Real-Life Illness in a Virtual World
In the seemingly-never-ending quest for virtual reality, the industry's designers continue to struggle to avoid motion sickness, nausea and other such effects on the user.

The near-eye-display market is a graveyard of broken dreams.

David Luebke, Senior Director of Research, Nvidia Corp.

Anything we missed? Add it in the comments below! And be sure to check back monthly for the next installment of our "Best of" Series.

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