BEST OF MARCH: Inspiration and Insight from the Past Month

April 13, 2015 Akhilesh Pant

Here's a roundup of our favorite links from March:

Building marketing and sales capabilities to beat the market
A data-driven and actionable piece, this article stresses the need for companies to invest in their marketing and sales functions to maintain above-average growth.

Our research is increasingly clear: companies with better marketing and sales capabilities grow faster. At a time when growth is not only more important but arguably more elusive than ever, companies must tap the potential of marketing and sales to deliver better results.

Bart Delmulle, Brett Grehan and Vikas Sagar, McKinsey & Company

When There's Nothing Left to Take Away
This UX Magazine article is a re-analysis of the concept of “simplicity” in visual and functional design.

We cannot continue to equate simple with less. Even the dictionary definition clearly lays out that simple has nothing to do with amounts. Simple is defined as clear, understandable, and easy—not: minimal.

David Peter Simon, ThoughtWorks

5 steps to audit your digital marketing strategy for 2015
This article presents a holistic look at how organizations can evaluate their current marketing performance and develop a path forward in digital. The “Content Marketing Audit” section is particularly important, as it will inevitably affect every other aspect of a digital strategy.

In order to set yourself up for success, you need to define it; and measuring your efforts in detail requires you to clearly define the criteria for success.

Brian Honigman,

An engineering and construction firm that champions the message of “Ingenuity Applied” across all facets of its site with succinct copy and an interesting "rectangle completion" design motif throughout the site.


Ever held the end of a fiber optic cable up to a light source and pointed the beam at your defenseless roommate? I know I have. Subtle and meaningful transitions and compelling narrative copy throughout, FiberSensing's new site is just as fun and innovative as the technology they sell.


Species in Pieces
This is an impressive CSS-based showcase of 30 endangered species featuring straightforward copy, dynamic infographics and seamless 3D transformation between "pieces." It was awarded a 9.0 for creativity on AWWWards, which I certainly have never seen before. 

Species in Pieces

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