BEST OF NOVEMBER: The Links You Need, All in One Place

December 10, 2014 Josh Amer

Thanksgiving over already!? As the nights grow longer and the winds blow colder, we move into December. But first! Some highlights from across the interwebs over the month of November.

Horror Vacui
This article discusses the importance – to both value perception and usability – of avoiding clutter in digital design.

There's a concept in visual art called horror vacui, or 'fear of empty spaces.' It's the natural tendency of humans to fill empty spaces with stuff…Humans have the same tendency when it comes to visual design.

Lukas Mathis,

Five habits for executives to become more digital
With some key tips to help executives start thinking more digitally, this article aims to help those for whom digital doesn’t come naturally.

After all, most of today’s senior executives built their careers in the predigital age and for the past ten years have been too busy hitting their numbers to spend much time following tech trends or posting on social media.

Kate Smaje and Chris Wigley, McKinsey & Company

Beyond Followers: How to Achieve True Engagement with Social Media
Hooray for followers! But having followers doesn’t necessarily mean you have engagement. This article provides some great advice for measuring engagement beyond just looking at your follower count.

[Followers] are a solid number to track on a spreadsheet or tell an inquisitive co-worker, an investor interested in a brand’s reach, or a family member who can’t quite believe what you do for a living. So what happens if follower growth is a brand’s main focus and the driver of both KPIs and other goals? Take a deep breath: It’s time to change the conversation.

Erica McGillivray, Salesforce Canada

Video Usability
Video can serve many purposes, but if done incorrectly, it may not serve any of them. This article provides some great suggestions for how to make video more usable, such as telling visitors what the video is about and providing more than one way to get the content contained in the video.

Video is everywhere…[it] can entertain and inform us, show us how a fabric flows, how a product works, how to tie a knot…But this format only works if users know that the video is there, are encouraged to watch it, can successfully view it, and have control over it.

Amy Schade, Nielsen Norman Group

Jova Construction
This site features some clever microinteractions, custom cursors to close content, large imagery, heavy typographical focus and a unique take on a full screen menu – definitely worth checking out.

Jova Construction

Rolex Awards 2014
A great showcase of bespoke, interactive storytelling, this site tells the stories of people who are “making a profound impact on the world.” Each person has a different story to tell, so each has a different experience. This is a great example of letting the content drive the experience.

Rolex Awards 2014

Often an example we and our clients look at for inspiration, GE’s new site redesign does not disappoint. Their homepage is heavily focused on telling the company’s global footprint, using interesting transitions and videos to help communicate what exactly they are up to.

Harvard Business Review
Another recent redesign, the new HBR is both cleanly designed and user-friendly. Equally as interesting, at least to some, is the story of how it was built.

Harvard Business Review

LOOKING FOR EVEN MORE AWESOME? just released their awards listings for 2014, organized into such categories as data visualization, infographic, interactive, motion infographic, website…etc. While this website itself isn’t the most remarkable, the award winners are worth checking out. A personal favorite of ours is the gold winner in the Data Visualization category: Rappers, Sorted by Size of Vocabulary.

That’s all for now, but be sure to check back monthly to see more of our “Best of” Series. Want to see more of the best? Check out some of the past posts we’ve had in the series to see what you’ve missed.


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