Digital Customer Engagement Post 4: Getting Started

November 25, 2014 Jeff Small

Digital marketing technology options have multiplied exponentially over the past few years. Navigating the platforms is daunting, but knowing what to do with them can be even more harrowing. Jeff Small, One North’s Director of Technology Solutions, will give tips and techniques to build a solid digital marketing foundation to connect you with clients and prospects, enabling a seamless customer experience across channels.

Over the past few weeks, we have looked at ways that a digital marketing platform can help increase engagement with your customers. Though it may seem like you have a lot of work ahead of you, it’s actually easier than you may think to get started. In this, the last post in the series, I will give you some tips on taking the first steps to implement a solid digital marketing technology plan.

No Army Required
The good news is that the activities to support a solid digital marketing plan don’t require an army of people. The technology to do things like personalization and marketing automation have existed outside the professional services industry for some time and are very mature. You can almost think of the technology as an additional person on your team. The tools will allow you to focus on marketing instead of the software to execute your plans.

That said, implementing these technologies can seem daunting. With three recommendations, though, you can be off and running:

Recommendation #1: Start Small
You don’t have to implement personalization on every area of your site and automatically follow-up with every user that registers for an event. You can begin to get real insight by starting small. Pick a key publication or upcoming event, and implement a campaign to drive engagement surrounding that item.

For example, maybe you have a key publication that your firm puts out every spring. Rather than just posting the publication in April when the publication is done, begin to raise awareness early through targeted promotions and on pages of your site with related or similar content.

Additionally, you could ask for basic contact information from users before allowing a download. This could be automated using social platform authentication. Users login with LinkedIn and authorize you to get certain information on them.

Recommendation #2: Measure Early and Often
Once you have your campaign in place, make sure you take a baseline measurement of analytics data related to traffic but also related to engagement. This will allow you to show the progress and impact of the campaign that you have implemented. Pick a couple of key measurements that you will be able to report on. For instance, referring back to my previous post, you could measure engagement per visit over time to show that you are getting the right content to the right people.

Recommendation #3: Adjust
After you have measured and seen the impact of your campaign, you may need to adjust to make sure that you are meeting your goals. That’s okay! You may not (and probably will not) get it right the first time. The tools to execute a campaign are easy to use and allow you to control their functions without needing developers or IT staff.

To Conclude:
As you continue to implement more campaigns, gather more data and adjust your tactics, your skills and plans will continue to expand. In this series, we have covered:

  • The change in the marketing landscape and the need to drive digital engagement
  • How to measure engagement using data gathered from your user
  • Ways to use personalization and testing to reach the right people at the right time
  • The process for starting a digital marketing plan

While it may be clear that marketing technology has changed considerably in the last several years, how to adjust and embrace these new tools may not have been. With the technologies and processes laid out in this blog post series, you are ready to take the first steps into increasing digital customer engagement.

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At the time of publishing, Jeff Small was One North's Director of Technology Solutions.

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