Five Is A Magic Number: Making Sense of Content

October 15, 2012 Jen Frost

Last month, we hosted a webinar called 2013 Interactive Outlook: Gems, Thumbs and Moving Targets. Thanks to everyone who attended!

The topics we covered included the shift in B2B marketing from “traditional” to “digital,” and as a consequence, the increasing reliance on content marketing, socially distributed content, responsive design and interactive experience

I had the pleasure of presenting some thoughts around content and its strategic use as part of marketing. For organizations like law firms, content is not only the heart of a website, but it can also be a strategic asset during the purchasing process for clients. During my research, I stumbled upon an article that provided some inspiration and a framework for organizing content. As your firm thinks about content, it may be helpful to map out how that content can work a little harder for you. Putting content into one of these five buckets can help you understand exactly what kind of content you need.

Content that Builds Trust

  • How to & Advice
  • Facts & Regulations
  • Articles in publications
  • Testimonials
  • Media clips

Content that Educates

  • Research & Surveys
  • White Papers
  • Newsletter
  • Seminars
  • Video

Client Generated Content

  • Video success stories
  • Event content
  • Industry insights
  • Guest bloggers

Content that Converts

  • In person events
  • Webinars
  • Case studies
  • Experience & outcomes

Curated Content

  • Blogs
  • Reports
  • Links
  • Tweets
  • Curate

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share examples of content that achieve each of the five categories above. Some of these will be within the legal space and others will be from out of industry. I should note that the underlying requirement is that the content be of value to the audience. Taking time to think about their needs, and what your firm can uniquely offer them, is the critical first step.


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Jen Frost Managing Director, Marketing

Jen Frost is Managing Director of Marketing at One North. She works closely with the Digital Strategy, Experience Design and Technology teams to develop and enhance One North client communication and exterior messaging strategy. In addition, she provides general marketing direction for One North and promotes internal culture.

  • Favorite season: Fall is my favorite season. Probably because I used to live in Massachusetts, and it is just beautiful there in the Autumn.
  • Favorite Chicago spot: The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool hidden in the middle of Lincoln Park.

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