Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Content by Taking It Multi-Channel

August 04, 2014 Alex Ziegler

How PwC Took Its Annual CEO Survey Findings Cross-Channel to Truly Engage with Target Audiences in a Variety of Ways

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Note: One North Interactive did not participate in the creation of PwC’s Annual CEO Survey, but rather is pointing out a best practice for other professional services organizations.

As a proud former management consultant at PwC (one of the world’s largest professional services firms), I was happy to see the company realize an exceptional digital strategy for engaging with its target audiences across multiple channels. This approach is a great example that can be applied to any relationship-based company looking to take its marketing content to the next level.

This year marked PwC's 17th Annual Global CEO Survey. The findings serve as a great conversation starter regarding the business challenges facing companies in today’s environment (many of which PwC is able to help with). For this year’s survey, PwC interviewed a whopping 1,344 CEOs across 68 countries about their goals and perceptions – an impressive data set. Even more impressive are the various ways CEOs and non-CEOs alike can interact with the survey’s thought-provoking questions and findings.

The firm has used several channels to get their content in front of target audiences. Each method of content delivery allows PwC to realize a different strategic value.

  • Interactive Tool
    Strategic Value: Makes content more relevant and engaging.
    PwC developed an interactive tool on its website that calls visitors to action by saying: “Draw your own conclusions.” Here, visitors can build their own view of the survey findings and compare how CEOs in different geographies and industry sectors responded to each question. Given that PwC’s audience covers a broad spectrum, this tool helps make content far more relevant and meaningful.
    For a previous survey, PwC also offered a “compare your point of view tool,” which allowed users to see how their views compared with those of CEOs. This added a playful, interactive element to the experience.
  • Harvard Business Review Article
    Strategic Value: Builds trust through conversational tone.
    Last year in January, PwC was the subject of a Harvard Business Review blog post called "Inside PricewaterhouseCoopers' Annual CEO Survey." The piece not only guides readers to the firm’s interactive online survey report, but it also allows PwC’s U.S. Chairman Robert Moritz to share his perspective of the survey results in a conversational way that helps build trust in his expertise.
  • LinkedIn Post
    Strategic Value: Enables easy sharing across social platforms.
    In January of this year, Robert Moritz posted an article inspired by findings from the CEO survey. It currently has 7,848 views, 165 likes, and 15 comments – and growing. In addition, it allows for easy sharing through integrated platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. This helps spread the word across various personal networks and also builds a positive image for recruits.
  • YouTube Videos
    Strategic Value: Puts a face and voice to PwC.

    Also in January of this year, PwC posted YouTube videos on its website showing individuals such as Dennis Nally (chairman of PwC International) discussing the highlights of the survey findings. Videos like this allow audiences to casually watch and listen to the marketing content. They also help foster a more human connection with PwC.    
  • CNBC Appearance
    Strategic Value: Heightens exposure and builds credibility.
    In March of this year, Robert Moritz appeared on CNBC. In his interview, Moritz shared that 89% of CEOs are actually quite optimistic about the global economy, yet concerned about a number of key issues. Moritz made sure to emphasize the advantage that companies can seize by partnering with firms like PwC rather than “muddling their way through it” on their own. This appearance not only exposed PwC to a large news-watching audience, but it presented PwC as a credible, knowledgeable firm.
  • Twitter Posts
    Strategic Value: Provides bite-size content for those on the go.

    In June of this year, PwC Advisory continued to keep the buzz alive by creating posts to spark the curiosity of their Twitter followers. Their short, punchy survey findings allowed audiences to get a bite-size version of the otherwise large amount of survey findings.

The beauty of PwC’s multi-channel approach is not only the variety of interaction points it creates for audiences, but also the way these points of interaction appear over time. Rather than hitting each channel all at once, PwC has managed to create build-up and maintain interest long after the survey results first came out, extending the benefits of the initial survey investment.

So what does this mean for you? As a relationship-based business, you always want to start and maintain a conversation with your existing customers and prospects. You too can get the most value out of your marketing material by positioning it across multiple channels and sharing it over a longer period of time. Not only will it spread the word to more audience groups, but it will also speak to a wider set of individuals within their daily context and based on their particular preferences for interacting with information.


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Alex Ziegler

At the time of publishing, Alex was a Strategist at One North.


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