Google-Twitter Integration: What It Means and Why You Should Care

May 20, 2015 Alex Pershteyn

Tweets are now a major part of Google Search. On May 19th, Google and Twitter jointly announced that real-time status updates from Twitter will be embedded within search results. The first phase is already live, and the integration is currently working for mobile users in the United States.

The way it works is straight-forward: searching by hashtag, specific handle or one of the trending topics shows a horizontal carousel with relevant tweets at the top of search results (14 examples of how tweets show up in search results). For now, Google is not revealing its algorithm to display tweets, so there's no way to predict whether or not tweets will show up for a certain query or whether there's any additional filtering or sorting to bring back the most popular tweets first.

Twitter has been on a mission to make tweets more prominent elsewhere on the internet for some time now. They have recently introduced extra embedding tools, including embedding twitter-hosted videos and, just 5 months ago, Twitter made the site's entire archive searchable, meaning you can find all posts from 2006 to present day.

What is the SEO impact?
Creating and promoting meaningful content on trending topics and developing stories in your Twitter feeds will help you get a better position in Google's search results. While there are still a lot of unknowns about the metrics Google uses to integrate tweets into search results, one thing is clear already - it is now more important than ever for companies to develop a presence on Twitter and use it to promote content and engage with other companies or people in their industry.

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