How Your Company’s Careers Page is Like a Dating Profile

September 22, 2016 Hannah Green

So the title got you, huh?

While a dating profile and a professional services careers page seem to be completely unrelated topics, the overarching goals are actually pretty aligned. We’re all just looking for that brilliant, talented, driven, handsome candidate that will exceed the needs of the job description.

Today, we’re diving into how some simple changes and considerations to your company’s careers page can make a large impact when it comes to attracting the smartest minds out there.

1. Good photography can make or break any page, especially the careers page.

Would you ever respond to a bachelor or bachelorette with pixelated, blurry, outdated imagery? Even worse, would you ever respond to someone with no imagery at all? If you said yes to either of these, perhaps we need to have a little chat offline.

Luckily, imagery is one of the easiest ways to update a page. This is likely the candidate’s first glimpse at your company’s culture, which is an essential part of any job search. Images that take place in your space featuring your people are the most authentic, and give candidates an opportunity to visualize themselves there.

At One North, we like to have our photographers take a few candid shots around the office when they’re in to shoot bio photos. Having a library of shots allows us to swap out imagery quickly and efficiently to create a fresh feel. These shoots can actually be pretty fun and we regularly have ample folks around the office volunteer to model.

If a picture truly is worth 1,000 words, then all the more reason to leverage imagery on your careers page, along with the rest of your content.

2. Information should be current and scannable with obvious action items.

While it’s important to provide candidates with the appropriate information, too much of it can be an issue. Writing a novel for the overview or showcasing an extensive library of accolades can be overwhelming. It’s likely that the candidate has already done some preliminary research, so keeping written content succinct gets the user to the action item that they’re looking for more quickly.

At the end of the day, the careers landing page in particular is more of a transition page. It provides a quick “this is me,” followed by a clear call-to-action. It doesn’t matter if that action is “swipe right” or “learn more about our professional staff.” It just needs to be obvious.

Remembering to update the content regularly is also important. Candidates will likely revisit your careers pages and if the information is stale, it gives off the impression that recruitment isn’t a priority.

3. It’s okay to leave a little to the imagination.

You know that guy that posts his entire life story along with his “must haves” on his profile? I hate that guy.

When you’ve said it all digitally, there’s really no reason to reach out for further communication. The same can go for your careers page. Nothing sells your company quite like a real conversation with your company’s recruitment team.

While the careers page is necessary for recruitment, it should be used as a tool, not a final communication.

Plant glimpses of fun company processes or interesting programs on the page so that there are fresh things to talk about during the first real conversations. You want to pique the candidate’s interest with the essentials and leave them with follow-up questions. 

4. Remember to reflect back on what it is you love about your company.

There’s that classic saying that you can’t love someone without loving yourself. Well, if you love your company, you should be able to express why you're passionate about it and how a prospect would fit into the equation.

This notion brings us back to the need to humanize our sites in the digital space. Real people at your company need real people to fill important roles. Creating not only an informative page but one that’s appealing to a candidate’s emotions is key.

Yes, you should highlight how bright the minds are at your company, and yes, you should highlight your specialties, but you should also breathe some life into the content. Whether that’s including a bit about how much you love your modern, eco-friendly office space, or how your leadership listens to your unique ideas, you should know how to communicate what makes your company special.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of fishes in the proverbial sea. With the professional landscape as competitive as it is, it becomes essential for employers to think critically about how they present themselves to not only clients and customers, but to the talent they hope to recruit.

Creating a careers page with rich content and updated photography are easy ways to keep your company top-of-mind for candidates. Understanding your company’s story, what makes it unique and how to communicate it to prospects will help it stand out even further.

The dating world and the job market can be some pretty rough landscapes. By considering some of these simple suggestions, you can begin to appeal to the candidates that you want to attract and take it to the next step, be it a coffee date on a Saturday afternoon, or an initial phone screen with a talented prospect.



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Hannah Green Art Director

At the time of publishing, Hannah was an Art Director at One North.

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