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April 30, 2015 Sarah Levine Meyer

Taking Inspiration from "24-Hour" Brands like Nest and Nike+

I recently attended a conference in New York City called Generate with members of our creative team. The conference was directed towards designers, developers and user experience professionals. Read Jessica DeJong’s top 5 design takeaways from the event.

One of the sessions I attended was by Jon Setzen titled, Design for the 24-hour experience. Cool idea. Who doesn’t want clients and customers to be thinking about, or better yet, experiencing their brand 24 hours a day? We all do. But is it realistic? No. Probably not. I mean, sleeping. Am I right?

But here’s the thing: Jon is onto something. He spoke about brands like Nike+ and Nest. If anyone has a Nest at home, you likely have experienced controlling the temperature in your house in a radically different manner than with the thermostat it replaced. Nest interacts with you. It tells you about you (one of our favorite things to hear about). It gives you readouts on what your activity looks like, and recommendations for what might work well for you in terms of driving efficiency. The brand gives you reason to want to come back, and I would bet a lot of money that if you have a Nest, you think about the temperature in your home much more frequently than you ever did previously.

Nike+ is the same. Before Nike+, Nike sold all the equipment needed to exercise, but they lacked a connection to the act of exercising itself. Nike+ brilliantly extends the Nike brand into that experience. It’s constantly with you. It too gives you information about you (again, we love that). If you have a Nike+, you are a lot more likely to think about Nike once you leave the store with your new running shoes than you were previously.

Nike and Nest figured out the key to being a part of the experience: engaging with you about information that is focused on you. Your activity, your goals, your achievements, your opportunities, your friends.

It seems to me that the surface has only been scratched with respect to this. We talk a lot about personalizing the content we present. But Jon’s point about the 24-hour experience is really about more than just that moment when someone is navigating your website. It’s about giving them a reason to think about you later. Specifically when they are not on your website, or in front of their thermostat, or inside your store.

For those of us in the B2B realm, one way I could see this being applicable is through extending your personalization efforts into email marketing. Imagine how your clients would feel if you sent them an email, say at the end of each week, and that email included things like:

  • a digest of the content they read that week (easily accessible, and a good reminder to boot!)
  • some suggestions for content they might also find interesting (from you and from other resources)
  • statistics based on their activities and perhaps how they compare to others, for example: how many items they read last week compared to how many items the average visitor is reading in a week (or other data about their habits)
  • a sneak peek as to what you are currently working on and what is coming soon (remind them to come back and check it out)

Give them a reason to reconnect. Something more. Sending them an email like this prompts your consumers to think about you when they wouldn’t be otherwise.

With so many resources available, it’s important to stay top of mind. One way to do this is to offer your visitors information about something they hold near and dear: themselves.

Want more on Generate: The Conference for Web Designers? Read Jessica’s post.


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