In Review: Social Media - Turning Your People & Your Network into Your Best Marketing Assets

April 27, 2015 Alex Ziegler

Social media continues to thrive in today’s world. To a marketer, this picture can be overwhelming:

The Conversation Prism

But Luckily, It’s Not That Complicated
Despite how overwhelming that picture may appear, it can be simpler than you think to sort through all these channels. The fact is, we use each social media channel for different reasons. How you engage with a channel should be dictated by who’s using it, what they’re using it for and when/where they’re using it.

Aligning Efforts with Your Audience
The best way to think about your social media strategy is to assess what audiences you’re looking to target, and which digital touchpoints make sense for each audience. Facebook, for example, is a more relevant channel for sharing culture and recruiting posts, while LinkedIn thrives as one of the most used social media tools in the professional world.

Identifying which digital touchpoint is right for your different audience groups is not always obvious. Utilizing research is another great way to help you uncover the variation between these different audiences and channels.

Structuring Your Efforts on Social Media
We propose a three-part structure for getting involved with social media. These three parts are meant to be done simultaneously and continuously – it is not necessarily a step-by-step process. The listen phase, however, is a great place to start if you’re new to social media.

Using tools like Sprout Social, Hootsuite and/or TweetDeck, you can actively monitor conversations. Find out what is trending and popular by following along and observing. Doing so can help you identify trends and understand how these conversations relate to your company.

Proactively publish content on social media, be that on your profile, on a blog or in Tweets. A great example of someone curating content through Twitter is Frank Aquila, a lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell. His profile and the large following he has acquired shows how individuals at a company can create a strong presence, curating content that you find interesting through tweets and retweets.

Frank Aquila's Twitter Profile

Another way to participate in the social conversations around you is to utilize social hosting, posting content on another medium beyond your site, such as YouTube, Vimeo…etc. These channels allow you to communicate with your audience and join the conversation and the variety of applications creates a more engaging experience for your audience.

Actively interact in one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many conversations through posts, groups or campaigns. Put yourself out there and advance a discussion around a topic relevant to your industry.

Spotlight on LinkedIn
The second half of my presentation addresses a topic I covered in detail in my Battle LinkedIn webinar: What are the top law firms and consulting firms doing on LinkedIn to build relationships?

We created a scoring rubric to assess and compare the AmLaw Top 10 Law Firms vs. the Vault Top 10 Consulting Firms. We wanted to learn how these companies are using LinkedIn (company profile, company posts, groups and leadership profiles), and how those factors impact their audience engagement.

The conclusion? The top 10 law firms with the more robust company profiles had the higher follower-to-employee ratio (scaled to accommodate for varying sized law firms). Consulting, on the other hand, had a higher follower-to-employee ratio with the more robust leadership profiles. That being said, we predict that as the presence of law firms on LinkedIn becomes more mature, leadership profiles will be a main driver for this industry as well. Check out the full presentation for tips on how to get the most out of all LinkedIn has to offer.

Some Key Takeaways
Target Your Efforts: Start by focusing on your audiences and what channels are relevant to them.

Become Informed: Listen to what is happening and consider researching your audiences’ unique tendencies and preferences.

Be Resourceful: Share your content across multiple channels, so that you get the most value out of it.

Leverage Your People: Empower your people to be active – we tend to care more about content coming from a person than from an organization

Deliver Valuable Content: Make sure to give users valuable content from your firm – not just content about your firm.

Download the Slides

This session was originally presented in a webinar for ALFA International, a global legal network of independent law firms.


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Alex Ziegler

At the time of publishing, Alex was a Strategist at One North.


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