Is Project Spartan Killing Internet Explorer?

March 18, 2015 Michael O'Laughlin

Microsoft has announced that it is creating a new web browser under the current name of Spartan. The browser will be the default browser in Windows 10, scheduled for release this summer. Spartan has a new rendering engine meaning that it will not be compatible with applications built specifically for Internet Explorer. Microsoft will provide two different solutions for your existing applications.

The first solution is that Spartan will include the Internet Explorer 11 engine so that you can view the different applications at Internet Explorer 11. The reason for a second solution is because Spartan does not include support for some custom controls. Examples are ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects.

The second solution is that Windows 10 will also have Internet Explorer 11 installed as a stand-alone application. This will be a fully functioning version of Internet Explorer 11 that has support for the custom controls like ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects.

If you would like to talk about how this might impact your specific sites (internal or external), please let us know.

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