Key Highlights from the #CMWorld Opening Keynote Sessions

September 09, 2014 Tanya Lord

What's more fun than feeding off the energy of 2,500+ content marketers in one room? Well, not much! That's why I'm so excited to be attending my first Content Marketing World (or #CMWorld, as I'll most likely refer to it from now on). And let me tell you, it's off to a GREAT start.

So far, I've heard from Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute; Andrew Davis, Author of Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships and Julie Fleischer, Director, Data + Content + Media, Kraft Foods. As I re-juice my phone so I can continue to be tweet-happy for the breakout sessions, I thought I'd take a moment to recap some key highlights from this morning's keynote kickoffs.

It's no mystery why the organizers of the conference went from planning for 100 content markers to 2,500 in just four years. Joe Pulizzi got everyone excited to start learning, networking and sharing by doing a little sharing himself. He previewed some very interesting stats from an upcoming survey that the Content Marketing Institute and MarkingProfs will be releasing in about a month. Here's some highlights:

  • 38% = content marketing effectiveness according to the 5,000 marketers they surveyed.
  • 54% of effective content marketers write down, follow and consistently review their content marketing plan.
  • All marketers, even those who didn't make it into that 54% labeled effective, are planning on dedicating more money to content marketing.
  • Most marketers have success with webinars and video; however, blogs, research and books provide a gap you can capitalize on to differentiate your content mix.

Andrew Davis blew my socks off! From his dance intro to "Turn Down for What" by DJ Snake & Lil Jon to demonstrating our very schizophrenic digital browsing/searching habits and echoing One North's feelings about this "funnel problem" we have, his session was chock full of tweet-worthy information. Some of my favorites included his 4 Simple Secrets to Creating Moments of Inspiration:

  1. Build Suspense; there's no better way to capture attention than to create drama.
  2. Foster Aspiration. Ask: "What does my audience want to be?" and better yet, "How can I show them what it looks like to be that?"
  3. Drive Empathy. This is important for both content and relationships. Humanize your content!
  4. Harness Emotion. Emotion leads to action.

Although Julie Fleischer's session came from more of a B2C perspective, there were still some important takeaways:

  • The content department at Kraft went from begging for money and resources to being the lifeblood of the company, says Fleischer. Sound familiar?
  • She provided a good lesson on social listening. When Kraft realized that searches for green velvet cake recipes had spiked around St. Patrick's Day, Fleischer's team quickly tweaked an already existent red velvet recipe and posted a recipe for green velvet cupcakes to Pinterest. She also encouraged the 4 Kraft brands that were incorporated in the recipe to share on their own channels. Professional services organizations can take a page from Kraft's book and listen, repurpose content and encourage their brands - or their consultants, lawyers, architects or accountants - to help extend their reach and engagement by posting to their own profiles and networks.

Now that I'm back at 100% battery life, I'm off to the breakout sessions. I promise to share more highlights. And in the meantime, follow me @TanyaOneNorth to get my favorite nuggets in real-time.


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