Microsoft Ending Support for Older Versions of Internet Explorer

August 20, 2014 Michael O'Laughlin

In a recent blog post, Microsoft states that it will end support for older versions of Internet Explorer starting January 12, 2016. The versions of Internet Explorer supported will be based on the Windows plaform you use. Below is a breakdown of supported versions (IE9, IE10 and IE11) by Windows platform:

Supported Versions by Windows

What does this mean, and how does this affect me?
As more organizations and users upgrade their browsers, they will be able to take advantage of the new technologies that are available - technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 - allowing for more interactivity with users and the ability to create that WOW factor most users have come to expect. This update also limits functionality and consistency of older sites within outdated browsers.

Lack of security updates for older browsers are also a concern. Not being on the latest release means that you may be vulnerable to issues that oftentimes put users and IT departments at risk; issues that could be avoided with the security updates available in newer browsers.

But what if I have a legacy application that only works in an older browser?
We at One North understand what goes in to updating every employee's browser at a company. It takes time not only to complete the update, but it's sometimes also necessary to update or rewrite older applications (intranets or time tracking applications, for example). This can be time consuming and costly. Thankfully, Microsoft has been thinking about this challenge as well, and in April, announced the release of Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11. With this update, users and companies experience the best of both worlds. Enterprise Mode allows users and IT departments to designate specific sites and applications to run within older versions of IE. If site visitors happen to access these applications from older browser versions, Enterprise Mode for IE11 will automatically display the site in the older browser format. Sites not designated to run in older browsers will run with the newer, higher-performing browser.

Now we can all use the latest technologies to build highly interactive websites and leave the old ones in the past, like Microsoft did with its first website.


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