Navigating the Digital Marketing Landscape

July 18, 2013 Jeff Small

When I was in New York on vacation with the family last year, we looked at the subway map and were overwhelmed. Sure, I’d gotten to know the routes to most law firms when traveling for business, but getting to tourist attractions wasn’t typically on my agenda. I had visions of wandering aimlessly, with kids in tow, while my wife and I stared at our smartphones wondering where the heck we were. Luckily, this was just a minor moment of panic, and we very easily navigated our way around Manhattan, took in the sights and had a great trip.

Marketers may have a similar moment of anxiety when presented with a view of the myriad digital marketing tools that are promoted to be the next “must have” tool for success. Last week, Gartner put out a great interactive Digital Marketing Transit Map to help digital markers navigate the ever increasing number of tools and platforms available today.

Neighborhoods are functional groupings. Tracks are the connections to the neighborhoods and are applications services. Where there are intersections of tracks, cross-use of services by business areas is depicted.

Though marketers of professional services may not use all of these tools, seeing the connection and data transfer points in areas such as Social Operations, Mobility and Web Operations can help you avoid feeling like you are stuck on the upper east side of new marketing with no direction.

You can download the infographic from Gartner’s website. While there, be sure to play around with the filters to view and compare tracks. If the map still seems a little overwhelming, One North’s strategists and account teams are happy to act as tour guides, helping you plan and implement your digital marketing itinerary.


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Jeff Small

At the time of publishing, Jeff Small was One North's Director of Technology Solutions.

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