One North Event: Masters in Digital

April 11, 2016 Tanya Lord

#LMA16: Masters in Digital Workshop from One North Interactive

John Simpson, Kalev Peekna, Cameron Friedlander and Corrie Maguire provide a digital deep dive, equal parts lecture and discussion, designed to help marketers accelerate their digital efforts at the Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference in Austin.

What does it mean to live in a digital-first world? How have leading organizations, such as Boston Consulting Group and Kimberly-Clark, managed to secure buy in for their digital efforts ... and how can law firms do the same? And, maybe most importantly, how do you continuously prove the value/return of a multi-channel approach?

Workshop facilitators John Simpson and Kalev Peekna of One North and Workshop leaders Cameron Friedlander of Kimberly-Clark and Corrie Maguire of the Boston Consulting Group, work to answer these questions and more. Mixing lecture, case studies, exercises and discussion, we explore how we as an industry must utilize digital.

Cameron Friedlander

Cameron Friedlander is responsible for providing marketing technology leadership, strategy and planning for ongoing marketing campaigns, enterprise platforms, and eCommerce initiatives across all KCNA brands; identifying, defining existing and emerging marketing technologies to maximize the ROI and engagement of KC marketing and eCommerce objectives.

Corrie Maguire

As Global Digital Marketing Director, Corrie Maguire shapes and directs BCG's external digital marketing strategies and defines the overall user experience of its online presence for a variety of audiences, such as clients, prospects, recruits, and alumni. One of the main goals of BCG's digital program is to extend the reach of its brand and build awareness of its offering. Corrie, with her team, uncovers innovative solutions to increase BCG's share of voice via the web, social media, e-mail, and other paid efforts.

John Simpson

John Simpson is one of One North's founders and serves as the Chief Executive Officer. His responsibilities to One North include his role as a thought leader, bringing the most innovative and forward-thinking approaches to craft digital experiences for our clients; as a practitioner, assisting in the production and management of our extra-ordinary experiences; and as a prospector, promoting the One North business and building relationships with current and new clients.

Kalev Peekna

Kalev Peekna is the Chief Strategist at One North. He leads the development of new capabilities and approaches that bring together Brand, Creative, Strategy, UX and Technology to create engaging digital experiences for B2B and relationship-based businesses. A regular speaker, he presents on a wide range of topics within digital marketing and design.


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Tanya Lord Head of Marketing Communications

As Head of Marketing Communications for One North, Tanya connects professional services organizations with the most innovative digital strategies, industry trends and thought leaders.  Responsible for leading One North’s marketing communications, she ensures the successful delivery of One North’s message by reinforcing the agency’s deep industry knowledge and vertical expertise. She can also keep you current on the latest celebrity gossip.

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