One North on the Move

We are thrilled to announce that One North is moving down the street and up the river to a new office space at 222 North LaSalle. If you didn’t catch the press release about the relocation, you can check it out here.

Our clients are always top priority for us at One North, and you can rest assured that measures have been taken to make the transition seamless. Starting the beginning of June, our address will change (but our name won’t!) to:

222 North LaSalle St
Suite 1500
Chicago, IL 60601

For our clients traveling to Chicago, we encourage and invite you to use our new space. Already in Chicago, but just need to get away from your office? We’d love to see you too.

One North is growing, and our move was precipitated by our need to make room for new team members, clients, events and capabilities. Overall, we’ve:

  1. Added more than 30 new One Northerners to our teams.
  2. Hired three new Business Development Managers.
  3. Introduced our new Brand Planning practice, directed by Ryan Schulz.
  4. Successfully expanded the markets we serve to include new relationship-based sectors, such as investment banking, consulting and accounting.
  5. Launched and hosted three Experience Labs (the 4th currently in the works), an event exclusively focused on the future of digital experiences.

Needless to say, our team is excited for the move. Perhaps too excited. We took some time to survey our creative One Northerners to see if they had any suggestions for how to make our new space as optimal, collaborative and creative as possible.

They had more than a few [read: too many] ideas.

We hope you’ll come visit us to see how it all turned out.


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John Simpson Chief Executive Officer

John Simpson is one of One North’s founders and serves as the Chief Executive Officer. For more than 20 years, John has been helping professional services marketers engage with their clients and grow their organizations through brand-based digital marketing experiences. He is a frequent author and speaker as it relates to relationship development, digital strategy and marketing innovation.

  • Favorite season: Summer. Summer makes everyone feel like a kid again.
  • Super power: Positivity. A psychology professor once told me that humans are predisposed to be positive. His logic was that the cave man faced so many challenges – sabre tooth tigers, starvation, cold weather, disease – that they had to be positive just to survive until the next day. I can’t say whether or not this theory has scientific merit, but it’s good enough for me!
Jeff Hirner Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Hirner is one of One North’s founders and serves as the Chief Operating Officer, responsible for running the day-to-day operations of One North’s projects and ensuring each client engagement is a success. A handler of all things green when it comes to One North, Jeff also admits to eating roughly 5-6 avocados a week.

  • Favorite movie: The Right Stuff
  • Super power: I am a stealth whistler. I can whistle without any visible indication that I’m actually whistling.

One North Interactive 
222 North LaSalle St, #1500
Chicago, IL 60601

+1 312.469.1740