Saying Goodbye to Google Site Search Through the Six* Stages of Grief

April 05, 2017 Julia Herrick

Last month, Google announced the discontinuation of Google Site Search with this message to its customers, “On April 1, 2017, Google will discontinue sales of the Google Site Search. All new purchases and renewals must take place before this date. The product will be completely shut down by April 1, 2018.”

Ever since, One North has gone through the six* stages of grief.

This is a joke, right? It must be. I mean, both dates they mention are April 1st—April Fool’s Day! It’s all a trick, right?!

No apology? No goodbye? No explanation?! The almighty Google has dumped us, leaving many of our clients in the lurch, and it’s too painful to Google how to deal with it.

Google, there’s still time to take it back. Could you reconsider? Just keep searching sites! It’s not a bad gig!

So many of our clients will need new site searches now. We didn’t plan for this daunting endeavor!

Okay, this is really happening, and we have to do something. We won’t leave our clients without a replacement for GSS.

Excitement: Breaking the Bimodal
Wait a minute. The discontinuation of GSS actually helps One North with its goal — to break the bimodal. As a company, One North is focusing on continually working with its clients on making incremental improvements to their websites, instead of large redesigns years apart.

This isn’t a problem to be solved. This is a chance to serve our clients better with more strategic, customized search options. And not just once, but on an ongoing basis with analytics, optimization and tuning.

This situation started conversations that would not have happened otherwise. We can now explore and implement new and different search technologies to help meet the marketing goals of our clients. One North is actively looking for innovative site search solutions. We look forward to embarking on this project with our clients.

Goodbye, Google Site Search. We’re ready for something new.


*Yes, we added a sixth stage of grief.


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Julia Herrick Account Coordinator

At the time of publishing, Julia was an Account Coordinator at One North.

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