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April 17, 2015 Hannah Green

Each month, we will be showcasing out-of-industry sites that exhibit creative and innovative digital design. This post is our first in this new One North blog series.

The Gogoro Smart Scooter is the first of it’s kind. It runs on rechargeable battery packs, connects to your smart phone and is totally customizable on the inside and out. With so many unique, complex features, serves as an informative and engaging marketing tool for this flashy new product.

First Impression
The homepage offers the user a first look at the Gogoro Smart Scooter. The design incorporates a take on the gradient trend we’ve been seeing in a uniquely minimal way, without sacrificing legibility.

Other notable design features include:

  • considerable white space throughout the experience to make for a neat, modern design
  • bold typographic headers and clean, legible body copy
  • a simple hamburger menu for navigation at the top right of the homepage

Designed to Encourage Scrolling

Encourage encourages you to continue scrolling by presenting content in a visually appealing fashion.

Beyond the homepage, encourages you to continue scrolling by presenting content in an easily digestible, visually appealing fashion. As you navigate through the site, animated numerics highlight information about the specific themes that are used to bucket information on the site: Faster, Smarter, Easier and All You. Each theme is displayed with a tab that, once clicked, animates around the static product image featured above the tabs. The rest of the page fills in below, walking you through the relevant product features such as speed and maintenance.

TabsSpecific themes are used to bucket information on the site: Faster, Smarter, Easier and All You.

Further Inspection
This site is compelling not only because of the handsome design but also because of the strategy behind it. There is a substantial amount of important content here. By breaking it up into descriptive themes and including interesting, well-coordinated videos on top of great photography and typography, you are prompted to explore further.

Persistent Background ElementsGreat add-ons include the persistent background elements on the 'Smarter' page.

It’s the little details that turn a normal digital experience into an extraordinary one, and is no exception. It includes great add-ons such as:

  • persistent background elements on the ‘Smarter’ page
  • instructional video clips on the ‘Easier’ page that really do make understanding the product that much easier
  • interactive controls that allow you to change the colors and sound effects of the scooter
  • animated data throughout the site

Final Thoughts
The design encourages people to research the product in a way that doesn’t feel like research. Simply put, it’s fun to go through and play with all of the different features.

I’ll admit; I was being a bit biased when I picked this site. I’m a moped person. I have been the proud owner of a Genuine Buddy scooter (fondly referred to as Penelope the Pink Ped) for some time. However, I think that the Gogoro Smart Scooter would have given the Buddy model a run for its money, had it been around at the time I was exploring the market.

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Hannah Green Art Director

At the time of publishing, Hannah was an Art Director at One North.

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