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February 01, 2016 Hannah Green

Each month, we will be showcasing sites that exhibit creative and innovative digital design.

Oftentimes, this blog series features out-of-industry sites, but today I’d like to focus on an interactive experience that is a bit more relatable. Yes, I am talking about a professional services web design *gasp*. Kekselias is an investment research and modeling firm based in LA that launched a site that is equal parts usable, stunning and informational.

Kekselias Home Page

First Impression
The overall design is supported by a flexible three column layout with heavy title type and varying scroll/load direction. The simple yellow, black and gray palette pairs well with imagery that is interesting but not overly complicated. A supremely unique component of the site is that it feels as if it’s a single page without actually being one. The user is able to quickly select menu items using persistent navigation, scroll through all available content and read full articles – all within the same window. In summary, the site is clean and modern without sacrificing content – a balance which is not always easily achieved.

Notable design features include:

  • Vertical primary and secondary navigation
  • Unique hover animations
  • Ideal use of white space
  • Straightforward content presentation
  • Elegant responsive states

Design of Site

Content Structure takes a modern approach to professional services site design that pushes far beyond the norm of its competitors. The content is easy to navigate and ranges from heavy, informational articles to simple fun facts about the company. It has managed to show off the firms’ personality while still prioritizing investment and monetary policy research, fixed income market analysis and data modeling (talk about complex) or or . It's done so by establishing a simple design with delicate interactions, such as read progress bars, combined with layout flexibility that supports the lengthier content. As many of our clients do, has features like persistent share tools, contact forms and data visualization. The differentiating factors in these features lie within the details. The social assets are as beautifully designed as the website; the load for the contact form is absolutely gorgeous (not to mention smooth), and the data visualization is thoughtfully animated. From strategy to design to development, each and every detail was thoughtfully considered to ensure a superior user experience.

Services Page

Final Thoughts
This is a perfect example of what professional services are capable of within the realm of web design. This site utilizes beautiful, personalized design that is enhanced by interesting transitions and animations in addition to smart, yet familiar content strategy. Together, these components prove that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to achieve a high-performing, avante-garde redesign. 


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Hannah Green Art Director

At the time of publishing, Hannah was an Art Director at One North.

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