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July 30, 2013 Alyson Fieldman

In an effort to stay ahead of industry trends, our clients often ask us what we read. It wasn't terribly surprising when a new Account Coordinator on our team recently asked us the same question. And now that it’s summer time - and we can all slow down (yeah, right!) and start planning for the fall and next year - we thought you might like to know what we’re reading, too. So grab your iPad, fix a frozen margarita and stretch out on a lounge chair next to the pool for some great reading.

If you are new to the industry, or just want a better understanding of what’s important to lawyers today, we recommend these blogs and sites:

  • Hildebrant Institute’s Blog
    News and latest ideas about the practice of law.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog
    News with a decidedly legal slant; be sure to check out the trending “top topics” at the top.
    Curated industry publications from news sources like Am Law Daily, National Law Journal, the Blog of Legal Times (“The BLT”), Corporate Counsel and more; check out their 5 most viewed articles list on the right.
  • Above the Law
    A lighter side to legal news, comprised mostly of legal gossip, scandalous stories and other such tomfoolery.
  • Altman Weil’s Resources
    Though not particularly current or well organized, a valuable repository of articles on a wide range of topics germane to law firm marketing directors.
  • 3 Geeks and a Law Blog 
    A no-frills, yet highly entertaining, look at the intersection of law and technology written by three industry insiders.

For inspiration in the realm of creative design, digital media and online marketing, we think these sites are worth checking out:

  • Awwwards
    A collection of award-winning sites (mostly out-of-industry) that will provide endless inspiration.
  • Smashing Magazine
    An online magazine for web developers and designers written in a very easy-to-digest format.
  • Mashable 
    A mash-up of news and other diversions. My advice - stick with the content featured in the mega menus at the top before you get distracted by their “watercooler” content, which can be a time drain.
  • Designmodo 
    Great ideas for your inner web designer, including some useful tutorials, resources specifically for WordPress users, and design trends.
  • UX Magazine 
    Everything you want to know about user experience.
  • Digital Buzz 
    A video blog featuring the latest digital ad campaigns, interactive marketing ideas and other things that have gone viral.

If your objective is to stay on top of tech trends, these sites may be helpful:

  • ReadWrite 
    Tech news in a visually friendly (Pinteresting?) display.
  • The Next Web  
    Another beautifully designed news outlet covering Internet technology, business and culture.
  • All Things Digital 
    A site devoted to news, analysis and opinion on technology, the internet and media.
  • Tech Crunch 
    A good source for info on tech startups, new Internet products and breaking tech news; perfect place for the tech geeks out there.
  • CMS Wire 
    This web magazine focuses on digital customer experience management, intelligent information management and the emergence of new digital tools and practices.

And for all of you nerdy “strategy” types, here are some good business reads:

The hardest part of staying on top of all of the latest trends and ideas, at least for me, is carving out a block of time on a regular basis to scan the headlines. Some people prefer to spend 10 minutes each morning over a cup of coffee doing this; my preference is to block out an hour each week to catch up on my Google Alerts, read my favorite blogs and re-post the good stuff to LinkedIn and Facebook.

Feedly is a great way to consume all of this information. Ever since Google Reader went into retirement, we've been testing out different feed readers, and so far Feedly is our top pick.

My favorite time to read is on an airplane – but alas, with short hop flights and limited WiFi, it’s hard to get much online reading done. For those situations, I recommend a good paperback. I just finished Ann Patchett’s Run, and I highly recommend that, too.

Happy reading!

P.S. If I'm missing any good ones, share those and your other favorites in the comments.


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