The Brexit Perspective: 5 Digital Strategy Steps You Should Be Taking

July 13, 2016 Zack Ehrmann

There’s no doubt that Brexit is a major world event. When tasked with formulating a digital strategy approach in response, it’s easy to become paralyzed with uncertainty (or even fear). Nobody will deny that this is a complicated issue, but still, the fact remains that Brexit presents firms with a unique opportunity to position themselves as thought leaders – even right now. While not every firm has the resources to build out an extensive content calendar or campaign, every firm should be considering the following simple steps to update their digital strategies:

1.  Make your position on Brexit clear.
Place a feature in a prominent location (i.e., Home Page or News/Insights Landing Page) that links to a page detailing your firm’s position on Brexit. Your clients want to know that this global event isn’t taking you or your firm by surprise.

At the bottom of the page, it’s important to give your users a next step. Provide them with the contact information of one or two professionals that can help them with their Brexit questions. This way, you’ll show you’re fully prepared – with resources available – for client inquiries. 

2.  Create content…
Members of your firm surely have opinions on the issue; they should be encouraged to share them! Whether it’s a formal publication, podcast, opinion piece or even a link to a pertinent article on another site featuring one of your professionals, any effort you can make to show your clients you are on top of Brexit is a step in a positive direction.

By creating your own content, your firm is given the unique opportunity to lead discussion and market itself as an expert in complicated issues encompassing Brexit.

3.  …and give it a home.
A ton of articles and links don’t really do your clients much good if they are difficult to find. Many Content Management systems easily allow for firms to create News and Publication types. Start tagging all of your new content with a “Brexit” tag in an effort to give your clients or users one place to find all you have to say on this issue.

If you’d like to go a step beyond this, you can create a mini-site or an entirely new section of your website that discusses Brexit exclusively. This can serve as a great showcase piece that you can email to your clients, and will make it very clear that you have knowledge in this space.

At the end of the day, the easier it is to find all your content in one place, the more likely users will stick around, read through more content and even share your insights with their peers.

4.  Check your regional alignment.
Believe it or not, there were plenty of people confused about the countries that make up the EU, even after the referendum vote. The UK isn’t leaving the EU any time soon, but now would be as good a time as ever to make sure that your site has a clear delineation between the EU and other parts of Europe. This becomes especially important if you organize your online content by specific regions.

Ask yourself, are you using EU as shorthand for Europe? If so, you should change this practice so that content from your Moscow or Geneva offices (which are not in the EU) are categorized correctly.  Make sure your site is factual and clear to avoid any confusion or misleading content for clients and the media.

5.  Establish a handful of Brexit contacts.
It’s likely that your firm has a lot of professionals that are knowledgeable on Brexit. When trying to establish credibility on this subject, it’s important to remember quality over quantity. If you have 500 professionals classified as Brexit contacts, how are your clients supposed to choose whom to go to?

Select a handful from each office, and let your global reach on the issue (as opposed to quantity) speak to your Brexit knowledge. With fewer voices, clients will need to do less work seeking out resources, and it will be easier for you to coordinate messages and share information among those chosen to represent your firm’s stance.

An event so globally impactful cannot be put to the wayside for any modern firm. While extensive content strategies or campaigns may be difficult for some, all firms can employ some simple digital strategy tactics right now.

By creating accessible content that reflects your firm’s viewpoint and ensuring that your website is clear with valuable resources available to clients, you can begin to help them wade through a sea of uncertainty. Taking simple steps like these will allow for your firm to position itself as a trusted ally at the beginning of what is sure to be a long journey towards understanding – one that you both should hope to travel along together.


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At the time of publishing, Zack was a Project Manager & Associate Designer at One North.

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