The Experience Lab: Year Two

November 14, 2013 Jen Frost

Last week we held our 2nd annual One North Experience Lab, and this year we played The Relationship Game. We spent a couple of days discussing the ways companies can build stronger relationships with their current and potential clients both on and offline. The sessions held Day 1 really spoke to the many different facets of a relationship: understanding needs, knowing how best to communicate, building rapport through shared stories and trust through authenticity, overcoming adversity and building strong partnerships.

On Day 2, we welcomed Deborah Knupp of Akina and Nat Slavin of Wicker Park Group for a candid panel discussion on how to build better relationships with your audience. Moderator Dawn Michalak helped set the tone - which was, "Let's get real about what clients want." Nat acted as the voice of the client, sharing with attendees the insight he's gained from interviewing countless of their clients, and Deborah used her experience coaching attorneys to help operationalize Nat's suggestions. 

Video recordings of the sessions and the panel will be available shortly. Until then, feel free to explore The Relationship Game. You'll find the slides above as well as a short description from each presentation below.

#1NLab13: Building Digital Relationships
John Simpson, Founder and CEO of One North Interactive, shares his insights on how organizations can build digital relationships with their clients by creating unique experiences with their audiences.

Needs | Service - The Client Service Pyramid
According to a BTI Client Relationship Scorecard, 87.1% of clients today admit they will replace their current primary law firm if given a compelling reason. Drawing inspiration from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Alyson Fieldman, Account Supervisor at One North Interactive, discusses how firms can avoid this scary statistic by segmenting their clients in order to promote client satisfaction, loyalty and evangelism.

Understanding | Information - Using Analytics to Gain Insight
Vin Scully once said, “Most people use statistics the way a drunkard uses a lamp post, more for support than illumination.” In this presentation, Chris Wigley, Solutions Architect at One North Interactive, explores how firms can avoid doing just that and instead gain a better understanding of their client relationships through analytics.

Context | Communication - Knowing How and When to Reach Your Audiences
Jen Bullett, Managing Director of Marketing at One North Interactive, helps firms understand the different types of “context” that should be considered when communicating with clients. When are they most motivated to listen to you? How should you communicate so they will listen? What specifically are they looking for and how can you deliver on that?

Narration | Connection - Building Stories amid a Nest of Links
Why do we tell stories? In this session, Kalev Peekna, Managing Director of Strategy at One North Interactive, shares a brief history of how storytelling has connected people and provides real-world examples of how you can do the same on the web. His examples explore how firms can combine different media to create an immersive experience for clients and build stronger relationships.

Trust | Authenticity - Setting the Right Tone for Your Relationships
Authenticity breeds loyalty. In this session, Sarah Levine Meyer, Manager of Strategy at One North Interactive, demonstrates how firms can generate stronger relationships by being authentic. She provides examples of how businesses have proven to be relatable and successfully conveyed trust, characteristics that are critical in building long term relationships.

Attraction | Personality -Getting Noticed Through Design
In this session, Nate Denton, Managing Director of Creative Services at One North Interactive, explores how firms can design with personality and attract their audiences visually on the web. Using ingredients such as authenticity, quality, attitude, organization and visual language, Nate shows examples of how businesses have triggered an emotional response from their audiences using a method he calls attractonality.

Resilience | Strength - Seizing Moments of Adversity to Solidify Relationships
Relationships are often defined in adversity. It's how you respond and communicate in moments of crisis or difficulty that forms, deepens and solidifies meaningful long-term relationships. In this session, Ryan Horner, Managing Director of Technology at One North Interactive, explores how businesses have both flourished and failed in the face of adversity and gives advice on how you can thrive in this new world of omni-channel communication and engagement.

Partnerships | Inspiration - Creating Experiences Through Creative & Technology
In this session, Jessica DeJong, Associate Art Director, and Pete Amundson, Architect, of One North Interactive discuss the concept and importance of microinteractions – the details that delight. Learn how you can fuse the power of creative and technology to introduce microinteractions on your site, and create an experience your audience loves…rather than tolerates.


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Jen Frost Managing Director, Marketing

Jen Frost is Managing Director of Marketing at One North. She works closely with the Digital Strategy, Experience Design and Technology teams to develop and enhance One North client communication and exterior messaging strategy. In addition, she provides general marketing direction for One North and promotes internal culture.

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