Purpose, Positioning, Promise: The sticky glue that holds everything together.

Our Mission

One North is a full-service agency – that means we can help influence how people think and feel about your organization. Frameworks and processes have their place, but creating a brand that resonates across all audiences requires a bespoke combination of research and discovery that aims to uncover the true character of an organization. Whether you want to be perceived as traditional and serious or cutting edge and innovative, One North can devise an approach that will help you hit your target.


Brand Architecture
Brand Architecture is the process of defining the relationships between each of the different products and services you offer and the parent brand name. Through this discipline, we help shape both how people inside and outside of your organization perceive these offerings.

Brand Platform & Strategy
We believe brand work should always begin by defining the true essence of an organization. Understanding the connective tissue between a firm’s character and it's positioning, purpose, persona and brand promise is essential to meaningful work.

Communications Planning
With a compelling brand strategy in place, One North can help you build and execute a full communications plan no matter the chosen medium or audience. We can benchmark against current targets or create new targets based on your industry.

Brand Guidelines
A robust Brand Guidelines document is essential to consistently deploying your brand in the marketplace. By defining everything from who and what your brand should be associated with, to how you want people inside and outside your organization to engage with it, guidelines help offer consistency and proper flow of brand equity.

Campaign Strategy
Building the structure is one thing. Extending a brand platform consistently across touchpoints into the marketplace is another. Whether you need help with ideation or execution, One North has the team in place to help you see your brand come to life in fresh ways over and over again.

Meet The Team

Dylan Salisbury
Brand Strategist

Dylan Salisbury

Dylan has a passion for insight discovery and visual storytelling. As a Brand Strategist at One North, his aim is to increase the value of the identities of organizations by helping to recognize and express their brand essence and value in more creative, effective and defined ways.

  • Fun fact: I have two dogs.
  • Favorite hobby: I really enjoy photography.


Ryan Schulz
Managing Director, Experience Design

Ryan Schulz

As Managing Director of Brand and Experience Design, Ryan Schulz is responsible for making sure clients’ true character is represented in everything his team does: messaging, brand, user experience, visual design and front-end experiences. With over 15 years in brand consulting, he helps clients break through the communication clutter that plagues the world of professional services.

  •  Favorite color: Greenish
  •  Favorite breakfast food: Breakfast tacos


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