Communicating a Global Law Firm’s Authenticity and Confidence through a Compelling Interactive Experience

Strong New York roots, market-leading practices and industry expertise have earned Debevoise & Plimpton LLP recognition as a premier global law firm capable of handling unique, complex legal challenges.

Though the firm has an international presence and experience in a wide range of practice areas, its former website did not fully emulate the involvement, vigor and character of its people. Debevoise turned to One North to build a new site that conveys the sophistication and confidence of the firm, while maintaining authenticity.

Launch Site

An Integrated Approach

Debevoise’s new brand platform set the foundation for One North’s strategic and creative direction, and influenced each component of the planning and implementation – from the logo, color palettes and typography, to the messaging and values communicated on the site.

“We had to meet an aggressive timeline dictated by the firm’s upcoming brand launch. Our team appreciated the high level of engagement and collaboration from One North, which enabled everyone to make real-time decisions to take the brand to the next level.”

Yolanda Cartusciello, Director of Marketing at Debevoise & Plimpton

Content Strategy Emphasizes Firm Dynamism

In order to surface a vast compilation of content that was previously underutilized, building an elaborate website content strategy became a fundamental component of the new site.

Rather than designing the homepage to promote specific pieces of content, One North and Debevoise opted for a design that facilitates optimal positioning and curation of custom content throughout the entire site. This functionality allows Debevoise to not only communicate, but directly demonstrate the full narrative of its involvement and dynamism in a wide variety of markets and industries.

This intersection of content and design, combined with enhanced search tools to make content discovery easier, greatly increased the readability of the overall site.

“The website’s performance has drastically improved due to the changes made in how our content is presented. Mobile traffic has increased 60 percent, and our visitor’s time on page is up 44 percent. We believe this is a direct correlation to the enhanced readability and responsiveness of the site."

Yolanda Cartusciello, Director of Marketing at Debevoise & Plimpton

Microinteractions Add Dimensionality

The site’s modern and clean aesthetic was brought to life using movement as a design technique, which results in smooth and seamless transitions for the user.

Each page was optimized for all actions, regardless of how subtle; the responsive design ensures smooth shifting and rearrangement on all devices. These microinteractions create an ideal user experience that’s intuitive and, most importantly, memorable.

Fresh Imagery Exudes Character and Connectivity

Imagery plays a strong role in all digital assets and was top-of-mind for Debevoise when looking to enhance the approachability and personality of its practitioners. Knowing that its people are at the heart of the firm, Debevoise invested in an exceptional photographer to capture the essence and character of the entire team.

A variety of backgrounds and techniques were used to produce headshots that create a feeling of connectivity and lend themselves to Debevoise’s goal of authenticity.

Noteworthy Features

  • Built on Sitecore Content Management System
  • CSS3 technology enables microinteractions that reinforce the user experience throughout the site.
  • Responsive design and Isotope technology ensure important content is surfaced first on smaller screens.
  • Capabilities landing pages contain ‘Fact Sheets’ that curate content relevant to the firm’s practice areas.
  • Related content options provided for each section of the site encourage users to continue exploring and extend their journey on the site.
  • High level of customization options accommodate the unique qualities of the firm’s capabilities and diverse professionals.

Meet the Team

Michael Blaha

Michael Blaha

At the time of publishing, Michael was an Architect at One North. 


Alex Castillo
Associate Account Director

Alex Castillo

As an Associate Account Director, Alex leads successful digital solutions for clients and works closely with creative, strategy and technology teams to ensure that best practices and the most innovative experiences are reflected in each and every project. His favorite Chicago spot is tailgating in the Soldier Field parking lot at 8 AM on a Sunday morning.

  • Favorite season: Fall
  • Favorite vending machine snack: Fruit Chews


Nate Denton
Creative Director, Experience Design

Nate Denton

Nate is One North’s Managing Director of Creative Services, responsible for delivering strategic interactive experiences to clients. Something you may not know about Nate: he performed stand-up comedy with the same group as comedy rockstar and SNL cast member, Fred Armisen.

  • If I were a vegetable: I'd be Corn, because I keep it poppin’.
  • What you wanted to be when you were little: A Creative Director at a Digital Agency in Chicago. Or a rapper.


Eric Frus
Managing Architect

Eric Frus

Eric Frus is a Managing Architect at One North, leading a team of developers and working on the architecture of web applications and custom data integration solutions. He prides himself in having the cleanest desk in the office (a prize he awarded to himself).

  • Favorite movie: Office Space
  • Favorite Chicago spot: 222 North LaSalle St, Suite 1500


Rene Hernandez
Senior Front-End Developer

Rene Hernandez

Rene is a Senior Front-End Developer at One North, ensuring client satisfaction through visually appealing web pages and digital design. An avid tomato-lover, Rene enjoys taking care of his tomato plant when he isn’t coding away amongst his fellow FEDs.

  • Favorite movie quote: "Get to the choppa!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Predator
  • Favorite breakfast food: Vegetable skillet with eggs over-easy (the hashbrowns can make or break this dish).


Dawn Michalak
Managing Director, Business Development

Dawn Michalak

As Managing Director, Business Development, Dawn coordinates sales, project delivery and service and support activities across the organization to ensure a holistic quality experience for our clients. If she could go back to any decade, it would be the 80’s - for the music, lava lamps and disco balls.

  • What you wanted to be when you were little: A hairstylist
  • Favorite Chicago spot: Southport Grocery on Southport Avenue – the best part of living in the city was doing the “Southport Walk” every Saturday with my husband.


Kalev Peekna
Managing Director, Chief Strategist

Kalev Peekna

Kalev Peekna is the Chief Strategist at One North, leading the Digital Strategy team. He brings a cross-platform, user-focused approach to innovations in brand development, design, data analysis and technology, and helps clients apply those innovations to their strategic aims.

  • If I were a vegetable: I would be broccoli. Because I have always wanted someone to call me “cruciferous.” 
  • Most unusual job: Cocktail bartender at a Cabaret