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A few years ago, Goodwin Procter LLP launched Founders Workbench. Fully committed to supporting start-ups and emerging companies, the site sought to provide founders with free access to useful resources and tools to enable capital-efficient company formation.

Launch Site

Taking it to the Next Level

Fast forward a few years. With a loyal following of top entrepreneurs, Goodwin Procter decides to continue to innovate in order to meet the changing needs of its target audience and take advantage of the latest technology.

Forming a Partnership

Drawing inspiration from the creative visionaries the site was built to help, Goodwin Procter teamed up with One North Interactive to create an extra-ordinary digital experience for their users that appeals to the site’s innovative audience of risk-takers.

Built to Be Stronger

Knowing how important free resources are for entrepreneurs, Goodwin Procter and One North sought to build upon the firm’s already strong set of business launch tools included in the Founders Toolbox. These included:

Capital Calculator
A new web app allowing founders to estimate the effect of taking on investors, including proposals offered by venture capitalists, and to determine the payout in a business sale if they’ve given ownership shares to employees.

Deal Dictionary
Another web app, the Deal Dictionary allows entrepreneurs to quickly look up easy-to-understand definitions of legal and other terms to better understand unfamiliar jargon used in conversations with counsel and investors.

Document Driver
With this tool, business owners can produce legal documents, such as a Certificate of Incorporation, to form their business as a Delaware corporation, the most commonly utilized entity for start-ups, particularly ones trying to raise venture capital financing. The enhanced Document Driver also now includes LLC documents.

Other notable features of the site include:

Anchored Toolbox
Accessing resources in the Founders Toolbox is simplified, as the tools remain available at the top of the page, regardless of how far the user has scrolled.

Events Listing
Business owners can learn where they can connect with Goodwin Procter and other external sources in person, including upcoming startup-related seminars and conferences.

Blog Updates
Frequent posts, written by Goodwin Procter attorneys and guest authors, offer helpful advice and information on investment, emerging technologies, patent processes and many other topics relevant to a founder.

Featured Case Studies
The new Founders Workbench also features case studies detailing how fellow entrepreneurs have effectively interacted with legal professionals. New business owners looking for a little encouragement can access detailed accounts of how other entrepreneurs launched successful companies.

Take it To Go

Goodwin Procter knows that entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to try new things on their path to discovering the next best things. In order to provide its audience with the technological sophistication they’d expect of their own work, the firm decided to demonstrate its progressive thinking by becoming one of the first law firms to take advantage of responsive design capabilities in addition to offering web apps.

No more squinting. With a newly optimized experience to fit every user’s needs, mobile and tablet visitors find adjusted visual elements and swipe gestures incorporated in the responsive design of the website.

A New Face

To ensure the site had a dynamic and distinct brand identity, One North created a new logo for Founders Workbench and redesigned the site using a completely different color palette than the firm’s corporate site. The Founders Workbench Twitter Profile was updated with the new design to provide a cohesive look and feel across the tool’s digital properties.

The navigation was also enhanced to better reflect a founder’s journey, with each section of the site representing a new step in the process of building a successful business – from Forming, Financing and Operating to Hiring, Growing and Protecting.

Meet the Team

Michael Blaha

Michael Blaha

At the time of publishing, Michael was an Architect at One North. 


Nate Denton
Creative Director, Experience Design

Nate Denton

Nate is One North’s Managing Director of Creative Services, responsible for delivering strategic interactive experiences to clients. Something you may not know about Nate: he performed stand-up comedy with the same group as comedy rockstar and SNL cast member, Fred Armisen.

  • If I were a vegetable: I'd be Corn, because I keep it poppin’.
  • What you wanted to be when you were little: A Creative Director at a Digital Agency in Chicago. Or a rapper.


Eric Frus
Managing Architect

Eric Frus

Eric Frus is a Managing Architect at One North, leading a team of developers and working on the architecture of web applications and custom data integration solutions. He prides himself in having the cleanest desk in the office (a prize he awarded to himself).

  • Favorite movie: Office Space
  • Favorite Chicago spot: 222 North LaSalle St, Suite 1500


Rene Hernandez
Senior Front-End Developer

Rene Hernandez

Rene is a Senior Front-End Developer at One North, ensuring client satisfaction through visually appealing web pages and digital design. An avid tomato-lover, Rene enjoys taking care of his tomato plant when he isn’t coding away amongst his fellow FEDs.

  • Favorite movie quote: "Get to the choppa!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Predator
  • Favorite breakfast food: Vegetable skillet with eggs over-easy (the hashbrowns can make or break this dish).


Kalev Peekna
Managing Director, Chief Strategist

Kalev Peekna

Kalev Peekna is the Chief Strategist at One North, leading the Digital Strategy team. He brings a cross-platform, user-focused approach to innovations in brand development, design, data analysis and technology, and helps clients apply those innovations to their strategic aims.

  • If I were a vegetable: I would be broccoli. Because I have always wanted someone to call me “cruciferous.” 
  • Most unusual job: Cocktail bartender at a Cabaret


Alex Pershteyn

Alex Pershteyn

As an Architect, Alex is responsible for overseeing the implementation, testing and ongoing support of web-based projects. When he’s not coding away on JavaScript, ASP.Net or what-have-you, he is flying off to distant lands, adding to the growing list of countries to which he’s traveled.

  • What you wanted to be when you were little: A World Traveler
  • Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction