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Brand fade: Digital strategy and the dangers of content marketing success

by Kalev Peekna, Ryan Schulz November 28, 2018

Recently, we’ve observed a new danger that affects nearly every successful content marketing program. Yes, “successful”—sometimes success creates its own threats. In fact, the more successful a professional services firm’s content marketing efforts, the more likely it is to be impacted by this issue.

We call this new danger “brand fade,” the decline of a firm’s control over the presentation of content in direct proportion to the range of that content’s distribution.

Brand fade is new. Twenty or 30 years ago, the mission of brand and marketing strategy was to spread a firm’s “message” as widely as possible. Now, two decades into the digital revolution, the poles have reversed. Brands now position themselves less as an authoritative presence than as a participatory experience. Similarly, marketing strategists no longer hunt for eyeballs but rather seek to draw people into their brands. If digital doesn’t turn over all the control to the audience, it at least makes “the user” where the conversation starts. Brand fade is a direct consequence of this shift in the conversation.

Thankfully, there are ways to inoculate your firm against brand fade — so long as you remain aware of it from the start of your editorial process.

Read the full story on the Stategies+ blog to learn how to avoid brand fade and ensure your firm gets the credit and ROI it deserves.


This article originally appeared on the Legal Marketing Association’s Strategies+ blog.

Kalev Peekna is the Chief Strategist at One North, leading the Digital Strategy team. He brings a cross-platform, user-focused approach to innovations in brand development, design, data analysis and technology, and helps clients apply those innovations to their strategic aims.

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As Managing Director of Brand and Experience Design, Ryan Schulz is responsible for making sure clients’ true character is represented in everything his team does: messaging, brand, user experience, visual design and front-end experiences. With more than 15 years in brand consulting, he helps clients break through the sea of sameness.

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