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Meet the Team

  • Antoinette Barbarone Account Manager
    +1 312.940.9456

    As an Account Manager, Toni works with clients to support their needs, answering any questions they have and building their relationship with One North. She works closely to create solutions and ensure that projects are implemented effectively and efficiently.

    • Favorite movie? The Royal Tenenbaums
    • Favorite breakfast food? Homemade breakfast smoothies
  • Alex Castillo Associate Account Director
    +1 646.360.4867

    As an Associate Account Director, Alex leads successful digital solutions for clients and works closely with creative, strategy and technology teams to ensure that best practices and the most innovative experiences are reflected in each and every project. His favorite Chicago spot is tailgating in the Soldier Field parking lot at 8 AM on a Sunday morning.

    • Favorite season: Fall
    • Favorite vending machine snack: Fruit Chews
  • Joe Cleveland Director, Client Services
    +1 312.940.9449

    Joe contributes 10 years’ experience in B2B marketing and corporate messaging to the One North team. As Director, Client Services, Joe is a consultative partner to our clients, using his strong communication, empathy and resourcefulness to help them identify the right approach and ensure clear, focused execution across creative, brand, strategy and technology teams.

    • Favorite hobby: My Dodge Challenger muscle car. I love going to cruise nights in the summer or occasionally to a race track to really open it up.
    • Favorite breakfast food: The sandwich. Sandwiches all day. There’s no such thing as a bad time for a sandwich.
  • Emma Forman Client Support Specialist
    +1 312.940.9481

    As a Client Support Specialist, Emma partners with clients to build relationships and communicates with One North Strategists, Designers and Developers to ensure a successful digital experience. Emma previously spent 2+ years at bswift, a benefits administration company, as an Account Manager.

    Fun fact: When she was little, Emma wanted to be a professional tennis player (and she played in college!).

    Most unusual job: I was a little league softball umpire!

  • Natalie Huezo Account Manager
    +1 312-873-6919

    As an Account Manager at One North, Natalie builds strong relationships with clients, delivering the most effective solutions for their digital goals and overall business objectives. She works closely with One North Creatives, Strategists, and Developers to craft the ideal digital experience. 
    Favorite food: Potatoes. In every form you can possibly think of. 

    Favorite hobby: Visiting/hiking as many National Parks as possible! 

  • Eva Issleib Account Manager
    +1 312.940.9441

    As an Account Manager at One North, Eva builds strong relationships with clients and works closely with One North Strategists, Creatives and Developers to work as a creative asset and a digital consultant on all projects. 

    • Interests: Traveling, hiking and wine/cheese boards
    • Fun fact: She has seven siblings.
  • Christie McDonald Director, Client Services
    +1 312.940.9472

    As Director, Client Services for One North, Christie works with some of One North’s largest clients to realize the best and most effective interactive experiences. Along with more than 12 years spent in project management and client consulting, she also has a wealth of experience and knowledge in both cooking and wine.

    • Favorite breakfast food: Starbuck's Turkey Bacon Sandwich
    • Most unusual job: I scooped ice cream for five years in high school and college.
  • Chris Meyer Account Manager
    +1 312.940.9432

    As an Account Manager, Chris partners with his clients to understand their digital goals and leverages the resources at One North to accomplish these goals. Chris oversees projects from start to finish, and works to develop interactive solutions that will evolve with his client’s needs. With advanced experience in technical support and client services, Chris is uniquely equipped to identify opportunities and proactively recommend solutions. 

    • What did you want to be when you were little?: A pilot in the Top Gun Academy (Call sign: Maverick)
    • Favorite Breakfast Food: A Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken breakfast biscuit, a 4 pack of chicken minis and an order of hash
  • Bill Nelson Managing Director, Client Development
    +1 312.873.6761

    As Managing Director of Client Development, Bill works with professional services organizations to elevate all aspects of their business – from Marketing and Information Technology to Recruitment, Human Resources and everything in between. Bill empowers clients to leverage digital to improve their internal business practices, bolster their marketing efforts, attract and retain all key audiences, and, ultimately, reach their business objectives.

    • Most unusual job: I spent a summer working on a fishing boat in Alaska.
    • Favorite vending machine snack: Famous Amos cookies.
  • Natalie Pacini Account Coordinator
    +1 312.873.6739

    As an Account Coordinator, Natalie helps build and maintain client relationships by communicating effectively, managing multiple projects and providing functionality training as needed.

    • Spring, summer, fall or winter: Fall
    • Fun fact: I’ve met 3 contestants that have appeared on Jojo’s season of the Bachelorette
  • Joy Ramsey Associate Account Director
    +1 312.873.6871

    Joy is an Associate Account Director at One North, working as a client ambassador to achieve all interactive, strategic, communication and design goals while keeping her clients fresh and relevant in the progressive interactive space. She also is said to have the best accessories at One North – hands down.

    • Favorite movie quote: “We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.” – Breakfast Club
    • Last thing you geeked-out about: My Jimmy Choo gold metallic strappy sandals – so pretty!!!
  • Cammie Rasmuss Associate Account Director
    +1 312.873.6852

    As an Associate Account Director, Cammie coordinates and strategizes with our clients and members of her account team to achieve their unique business objectives. By advocating for the proper resources, she is able to deliver a top-notch client experience from start to finish.

    • What vegetable you would be and why: Avocado, because they make everything better.
    • Fun fact: One of my favorite experiences was floating 80 miles down the Smith River in Montana – we were away from all civilization for 4 days.
  • Adrianne Schmidt Project Manager
    +1 312.873.6843

    Adrianne is a wannabe FBI agent, student at Hogwarts and first-ever woman Chicago Bears player, whose day job is a Project Manager with One North. With strengths in strategic planning, innovation and teamwork, Adrianne is able to achieve extraordinary solutions and add value for her clients.

    • Fun Fact: I studied abroad and lived with a family in Cusco, Peru
    • Favorite Spot in Chicago: Clark and Addison – Where I can catch a game and enjoy an amazing hot dog
  • Matt Thomas Senior Account Manager
    +1 312.873.6885

    Matt Thomas is a Senior Account Manager at One North, ensuring the use of best practices and lessons learned from previous engagements and communicating client’s needs to creative, strategy and technology teams in order to develop the ideal digital experience. When he was younger, his dream occupation was to be Peter Pan.

    • Most embarrassing moment: In first grade, after a game of flag football, my flag belt wouldn’t come off. The teacher called me to the front, couldn’t undo the knot, so she yanked the belt and my pants came down.
    • Most unusual job: First Mate on Private Yachts
  • Kendall Ufer Account Coordinator
    +1 312.873.2804

    As an Account Coordinator, Kendall partners with her clients to advise and enhance their digital projects. Kendall brings a positive attitude with experience in client relationship management and strategic planning to push excellent projects forward.

    • Favorite Chicago spot? Milton Lee Olive Park
    • Fun fact: I am the youngest of five girls and have three step brothers. #reallifebradybunch
  • Anne Unterfenger Senior Account Manager
    +1 312.940.9625

    As a Senior Account Manager at One North, Anne is responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships with her clients to understand their unique needs and help them achieve their digital marketing goals. With over four years of experience managing large scale technology implementations, her attention to detail and ability to proactively identify potential challenges allows her to help clients stay on schedule and within budget.

    • Fun fact: I was on America’s Funniest Home videos when I was younger.
    • Hobby: I’m obsessed with watching the Food Network and love experimenting (sometimes successfully) with new recipes.
  • Jami Woodson Head of Digital Project Management
    +1 469.744.7366

    As Head of Digital Project Management, Jami guides clients through complex digital experiences, answering client concerns and challenges along their journey. Before becoming a One Northerner, her first job out of college was as a middle school English teacher. She still has a great fondness for sentence diagramming.

    • Favorite movie: “Of Mice and Men” (the version with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich)
    • Favorite book: "A Prayer for Owen Meany," John Irving

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