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Building sticky brands. Creating thoughtful design. Delighting your most important users. We make digital experiences extraordinary.

By applying an in-depth analysis of markets, trends, insights and audiences, our brand experts and digital strategists work closely with your team to identify your firm's unique purpose, positioning and promise to create a brand essence that truly speaks to its identity.

Our team takes a microscope to your existing content and works with you to create a content strategy that strengthens your firm’s voice. From there, we’ll design a blueprint for the most effective delivery of that content to best reach your audiences.

By understanding the motivations and behaviors of your most important audiences, we craft digital experiences that make a lasting impact. Combining best practices, fresh trends and user-tested designs, we deliver concepts that perform and evolve over time.

Oftentimes, the most impactful digital experiences come from the smallest details. Our multi-disciplinary teams identify opportunities to delight and, through an application of visual and interaction design, build compelling, powerful and memorable experiences.

Meet the Team

  • Travis Astor Front-End Developer

    As a Front-End Developer, Travis is responsible for creating the visual interface and interactions for One North sites and applications. With six years’ experience creating sites for B2B clients, he translates the visual design into templates for our developers to integrate into a complete site, ensuring a high-fidelity user experience along the way.

    • Last thing you geeked out about: I honestly geeked out when I saw my new work Mac Pro and got to play around with the Touch Bar. 
    • Favorite color: My favorite color recently changed from green to orange. 
  • Pat Beecher Front-End Developer

    As a Front-End Developer, Pat develops the user’s side of client websites, providing clients with the most up-to-date knowledge of best practices in web development and tech integration. Pat has programmed for six years in many different languages and brings with him a wide breadth of knowledge around computer science and web development standards.

    Fun fact: Pat’s in a ska cover band called Sell Out (A Tribute to Ska)!

    Funner fact: Pat is also a professional voice actor.

  • Sarah Chung Senior Designer

    As a Senior Designer, Sarah collaborates with the rest of the Experience Design team to create digital experiences including websites and web apps that are functional, user friendly and visually pleasing. With a strong background in design, branding and advertising, she works closely with clients to create boundary-pushing digital that feels authentic to their brands.  

    • What did you want to be when you were little? My 6-year-old self desperately wanted to become a mermaid.
    • Spring, summer, fall or winter: Fall (or Autumn if we’re being fancy)
  • Jessica DeJong Creative Director

    Jessica is One North’s Creative Director, collaborating with clients to deliver interactive solutions, including creative strategy, website design concepts and brand development. In addition to bringing an artsy edge to everything she makes at One North, she also specializes in procuring the best cat GIFs to spread around the office.

    • If I were a vegetable: I would be a bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) because it’s the closest vegetable I could find to HOT SAUCE.
    • Favorite color: Maize. 2nd favorite color: Blue.
  • Britta Hernalsteen Creative Director

    As a Creative Director at One North, Britta is charged with visualizing client personas and creating meaningful, hardworking brand systems that function intelligently and beautifully. With 10 years of experience shaping identities for both global brands and regional companies, Britta helps clients understand what sets them apart from their competition and helps visualize who they are in the marketplace. 

    • Most unusual job: Movie theater projectionist 
    • Favorite Chicago spot: Summer picnics at Winnemac park 
  • Rene Hernandez Front-End Lead

    Rene is a Front-End Lead at One North, ensuring client satisfaction through visually appealing web pages and digital design. An avid tomato-lover, Rene enjoys taking care of his tomato plant when he isn’t coding away amongst his fellow FEDs.

    • Favorite movie quote: "Get to the choppa!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Predator
    • Favorite breakfast food: Vegetable skillet with eggs over-easy (the hashbrowns can make or break this dish).
  • Sheryl Kravitz Director, Brand & Communications

    Sheryl Kravitz, is Director, Brand and Communications. She has more than 15 years of experience helping highly matrixed companies solve their most pressing brand and communications challenges. Sheryl combines creativity and insight to provide guidance on name development, M&A branding, brand revitalization, portfolio alignment, communications and messaging.

    Favorite breakfast food: Coffee and more coffee

    Favorite Season: Summer - because the days are longer

  • Joseph Peart Creative Director

    As a Creative Director, Joseph helps lead his team and clients through the complex world of experience design. He instills thorough processes and understanding to the problems his team solves using sound design. Joseph’s relentless obsession for design and technology has helped him share his knowledge in meaningful ways across teams and projects.

    • Fun fact: I am a citizen of New Zealand, England and the United States.
    • Favorite movie quote: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” - Ferris Bueller (the copywriter, actually)
  • Zach Schloss Manager, UX Strategy

    As Manager of UX Strategy, Zach helps clients maximize the effectiveness of their digital properties by ensuring they’re human-centered and tailored to their most important audiences. He considers it his personal responsibility to represent the voice of the user on every project, as they are often the only one not at the table during the design process.

    Favorite season: Summer – nothing makes me happier than spending time out in the sun!
    Most unusual job: A Hawaiian shaved ice operator, with 72 flavors and all the snow cones I could eat.

  • Ryan Schulz Managing Director, Experience Design

    As Managing Director of Brand and Experience Design, Ryan Schulz is responsible for making sure clients’ true character is represented in everything his team does: messaging, brand, user experience, visual design and front-end experiences. With more than 15 years in brand consulting, he helps clients break through the sea of sameness that plagues the world of professional services. 

    •  Favorite color: Greenish
    •  Favorite breakfast food: Breakfast tacos
  • Joe Torres UX Strategist

    As a UX Strategist, Joe is a problem-solver tasked with creating solutions to business challenges and objectives while keeping user goals and needs in sharp focus. Armed with both quantitative and qualitative insights, Joe brings to the table HCI fundamentals with an established background in digital media, marketing, & analytics. He helps clients by advocating for the user and balancing the realities of user goals and business goals. 

    Fun fact: Joe is an avid traveler and a sucker for vast expanses of land, unique landscapes, and nature.

    Favorite movie quote: “The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure, while always arriving.” – Waking Life

  • Jimmy Tsao Front-End Architect

    Jimmy is a Front-End Architect with advanced experience in both web development and technical consulting. He solves problems for our clients through appealing web pages and digital design.

    • Favorite season: Spring because everyone is happier once winter is over.
    • Favorite breakfast food: Ham, egg and cheese on a croissant.
  • Alexa Tuskey Front-End Designer & Developer

    As a Front-End Designer & Developer at One North, Alexa creates innovative and engaging digital designs for clients and One North marketing materials through creative insight and cross-department collaboration. Alexa brings an open-mind, an unbeatable attention to detail and fearless creativity to her role at One North. She enjoys being able to help her clients tell their story by interpreting their vision and bringing it to life within functional and creative designs.

    • Fun fact: I did my senior thesis on the evolution of hip hop music.
    • What did you want to be when you were little: The President of the United States
  • Katherine Wren Designer

    As a Designer at One North, Katherine uses her artistic and problem-solving skills to create visual concepts that engage and convert. With a strong background in web design and branding, Katherine is capable of creating useful designs for the client that function well on both the front and back end. 

    Favorite breakfast food: Breakfast tacos!

    Favorite Chicago spot: I will always recommend Parson’s Chicken and Fish.

  • Courtney Falconer Senior Designer

    Courtney is a Senior Designer on One North’s Experience Design team. Combining her background in digital, visual and conceptual design with her interest in UX Strategy and coding, Courtney is able to design digital brand experiences that seamlessly blend creativity and usability. When she’s not working, you can typically find her geeking out about new technology, audiobooks/podcasts, cats and unique packaging design.

    Fun Fact: My dad is from Canada, so I am both an American and Canadian citizen.

    Latest Hobby: I’ve recently started to learn brush lettering, so I can spend less time in front of my devices/screens.

  • Russ Savage Front-End Architect

    Russ is a Front-End Architect at One North. He designs, develops and maintains modular, scalable component systems, ensuring they are built to be flexible, performant, accessible and reusable. Russ acts as a guide and partner to clients, helping them to problem solve and develop digital experiences that push their brands and businesses forward. He also provides technical leadership and innovation to our front-end development team.  
    Favorite vending machine snack? Pretzel chips 

    Most unusual job? Carnie 

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