Building lasting foundations. Designing ecosystems. Protecting your assets. We use best-in-breed technology to bring your digital to life.

Our developers and architects expertly design your digital ecosystem and build your platform using best-in-breed technologies, including Sitecore, Wordpress, Keystone and more. With developers passionate about code and deployment engineers ensuring the quality of your digital, you can rest easy on launch day.

Digital is more than a website, and with technology platforms constantly evolving, our team strives to evolve with it. Because of this, we ensure all digital experiences are optimized and crafted for mobile or app delivery.

Our technicians actively evaluate our hosting environments and consult with you on digital security best practices to ensure your most important digital assets are protected and maintained. With hundreds of applications hosted in the cloud environment and 24-hour support, we are a leading provider of hosted applications for professional services within Microsoft Azure.

We know the big picture is just as important as the tiny details. That’s why we share an informed view of the optimal integrations needed for you to make the most of your systems, data and marketing technology ecosystem.

Meet the Team

  • Erik Carron Architect

    As an Architect at One North, Erik provides technical assistance to new and ongoing client projects. He brings his wide range of technical expertise and experience to his role. Erik graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Computer Engineering.

    • Fun fact: My first name is John, however, I go by my middle name Erik.
    • Coach Erik: I coach the boys lacrosse team at Downers Grove South High School.
  • Ethel Crosby Director of Technology Operations & Offerings

    As Director of Technology Operations and Offerings at One North, Ethel is responsible for the management and execution of leading digital technology solutions and product management, continuously identifying new strategic technology opportunities for One North and its clients. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Ethel once zip-lined, upside down, in a rain forest in Costa Rica.

    • Favorite movie quote: "With great power comes great responsibility." - Spiderman
    • Favorite vending machine snack: Reese's Pieces
  • Ben DeLeon Developer

    As a Developer, Ben applies his knowledge of full stack development to build and maintain client projects. His hard-working nature, sense of humor and collaborative problem-solving makes him an asset to the One North team.

    • Last thing you geeked out about:  Marvel movie
    • If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be and why? Potato, because French fries
  • Eric Frus Director, Client Services Technology

    Eric Frus is a Managing Architect at One North, leading a team of developers and working on the architecture of web applications and custom data integration solutions. He prides himself in having the cleanest desk in the office (a prize he awarded to himself).

    • Favorite movie: Office Space
    • Favorite Chicago spot: 222 North LaSalle St, Suite 1500
  • David Guan Developer

    David is a Developer, and his responsibilities include building and maintaining websites that fulfill clients' needs. He knows how to ask the right questions to help solve client problems, loves to learn new technologies and quickly educates himself on that technology to improve client experiences.

    • Fun fact: I took a summer trip to Asia after graduation, visiting Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Thailand.
    • Favorite TV shows: The Wire, The Office and Breaking Bad.
  • Alex Hawley Architect

    As an Architect, Alex leads the planning, implementation and deployment of custom web solutions across multiple platforms. He is certified in both Sitecore and Sitefinity content management systems, and works with clients to establish goals for their desired applications, building robust implementations to meet those goals.

    • Favorite hobby: Running. I’ve run over 23 marathons which included running 12 in 2013.
    • Favorite travel experience: Taking a trip out to the west coast to run along Highway 1 on the Pacific Ocean. If you don’t want to run on Highway 1, I would strongly recommend at least driving down the coast.
  • Ryan Horner Managing Director, Technology

    As Managing Director of Technology, Ryan is responsible for overseeing One North’s strategy related to technical applications, systems and client implementations. He got his start at age seven, programming an Apple IIe.

    • Last thing you geeked-out about: This happens on a daily basis, oftentimes to the internet of things coming to life and novel uses of the technology-enabled sharing economy – or some combination of the two.
    • Most unusual job: I grew up on a working farm, so I've had lots of unusual jobs: baling straw, sweeping bins, cleaning a cattle barn, etc. 
  • Jaclyn Huey Developer

    As a Developer, Jaclyn uses her interests in UI/UX Design and Human Computer Interaction to give her a different perspective while developing sites for clients. She’s passionate about the strategy behind creative and technology decisions and uses that passion to continuously produce great work.

    • Favorite breakfast food: BACON
    • Last thing you geeked out about: “Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman
  • Vinu Krishnaswamy Director, Solutions Architecture

    As Director, Solutions Architecture at One North, Vinu is passionate about finding tech solutions for business problems. He consults with clients on their technology needs and issues. He also works with our Experience Design team to define and implement solutions that will serve the client’s objectives now and in the future.

    • Favorite season: Summer – love the beach.
    • Superpower: Ability to breathe underwater
  • Jeff Lu Developer

    As a Senior Developer, Jeff assists his team in making improvements and enhancements to client websites. He uses his background in business to help him understand how to solve problems differently.

    • What did you want to be when you were little? A baseball player. 
    • Favorite Chicago spot: Wrigley Field, because above.
  • Tom Mahr Architect

    As an Architect at One North, Tom builds and maintains websites and applications for our clients. By collaborating with his team, he is able to provide best possible solutions with efficient and well-practiced implementation capabilities.

    • Favorite movie: Royal Tenenbaums
    • Favorite breakfast food: Eggs Benedict (with Homemade Hollandaise Sauce, not the powder mixed stuff)
  • Kyle Mattimore Senior Developer

    As a Senior Developer at One North, Kyle "solves problems and builds cool things." He received his Computer Science degree from the University of Michigan and considers himself a self-taught network/security geek.

    • Fun fact: I have a hobbyist recording studio and play around with making music. Some evidence of this can be seen here.
    • Favorite sport to play: I will go to any lengths for a good game of Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Adam Moericke Senior Systems Engineer

    As a Senior Systems Engineer at One North, Adam helps provide a stable and high performing environment for the client websites that One North hosts. He brings over a decade of experience working with SQL Server and experience in supporting a 24/7 environment to his role at One North.

    • School and major: University of Wisconsin-Madison / Computer Engineering
    • Last thing you geeked out about: Did you know that within the next 30 years, you'll be able to "ingest" information by simply taking a pill? You can watch MIT Media Lab Founder Nicholas Negroponte's prediction during this TedTalk.
  • Michael O'Laughlin Director, QA & Managed Applications

    As Director, QA & Managed Applications, Michael is responsible for delivering One North digital experiences to clients and creating both web applications and custom data integration solutions. Michael’s favorite Chicago spot is the United Center, watching the Hawks in the playoffs.

    • Favorite movie quote: “Great moments...are born from great opportunity. And that's what you have here tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here tonight. One game. If we played 'em ten times, they might win nine. But not this game; not tonight.” - Miracle
    • What you wanted to be when you were little: A firefighter
  • Zach Peer Director, Managed Hosting

    As Director of Technology, Zach Peer leads the managed hosting team at One North. He establishes and maintains the appropriate policies, procedures and controls for One North’s hosted offerings and works to ensure the availability, security and performance of the hosting environment – which he modeled out of Legos (playing with Legos is one of his passions, both with his kids and without).

    • If I were a vegetable: I'd be a Cucumber because they are cool (and tasty on sandwiches).
    • Last thing you geeked-out about: Backyard Chickens
  • Alex Pershteyn Architect

    As an Architect, Alex is responsible for overseeing the implementation, testing and ongoing support of web-based projects. When he’s not coding away on JavaScript, ASP.Net or what-have-you, he is flying off to distant lands, adding to the growing list of countries to which he’s traveled.

    • What you wanted to be when you were little: A World Traveler
    • Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction
  • Stephanie Petrusha Architect

    As an Architect, Stephanie provides clients with quality products and services to ensure 100 percent satisfaction, continuously working to find best-in-breed technology to improve testing capabilities and solution performance.

    • Favorite breakfast food: Pancakes all day!
    • Most unusual job: Growing up on a farm, every summer from about age 10 I was a “bean walker”. A bean walker walks down a designated row in a bean field with a hook and to cut out weeds from the fields. This job of course no longer exists thanks to technology and chemicals.
  • Mike Skutta Architect

    As an Architect within the Technology Labs group at One North, Mike works to research, test and integrate new technologies for both One North and its clients. He is also a Sitecore Technology MVP – a distinction received by only 217 people worldwide – and holds more than 14 years of experience architecting, designing, developing software and leading technology teams. Based in Florida, Mike is often seen wheeling around the office via our robot.

    • Favorite vending machine snack: Doritos
    • Most unusual job: Working as a Serf at Medieval Times
  • Ian Tannehill Technical Lead

    As a Technical Lead at One North, Ian provides technical assistance to both new and ongoing clients at One North. He brings over four years of experience in full stack development to his role. Ian attended Marquette University, receiving a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering.

    • Fun fact: Every school I have attended has had some type of bird as the mascot (eg. Cardinal, Falcon, Eagle, Golden Eagle).
  • Rick Tham Director, Technology Platforms

    Rick Tham is the Director of Technology at One North, working to research, test and integrate new technologies for both One North and our clients. Rick is the only Rick at our company…and, yes, this was his fun fact.

    • Favorite movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Before I moved to Chicago, this movie was my main source of things to do in Chicago.
    • What you wanted to be when you were little: A doctor, but I guess my patients are now just applications. They get sick too.
  • Dom Vespo Senior Systems Engineer

    As a Senior Systems Engineer, Dom is responsible for the configuration, maintenance and 24/7 support of our clients’ digital experiences. He has extensive experience deploying and supporting custom web applications in a production environment. He is also a die-hard White Sox fan (what else do you need to know to love him?).

    • Favorite breakfast food: Bacon. That is the only acceptable answer.
    • What you wanted to be when you were little: A professional baseball player
  • George West Developer

    As a Developer, George is primarily tasked with writing code and collaborating with One North’s technical and design teams. With varied experience in both front-end and back-end web technologies, he is a versatile asset in the development process for his fellow team members.

    • Spring, summer, fall or winter: Winter! I like cold weather and my birthday is in December.
    • Most unusual job: I used to clean stables for my boss, who also owned the music store I worked at. Interesting dynamic.
  • Cameron Murphy Associate Developer

    Cameron is an Associate Developer at One North. He works with clients to build, maintain and upgrade their digital properties, ensuring they’re always backed by quality code. Cameron is active in the tech meetup scene and enjoys bringing a fresh perspective and new ideas to the team and his clients. His favorite color is (One North) red.

    Superpower you wish you had: Telekinesis

    Last thing you geeked out about: SpaceX landing its reusable rockets

  • Jonny Big IT Security Analyst

    As an IT Security Analyst, Jonny helps manage and execute internal technology projects, daily operations, information security and supporting processes to ensure technical solutions and operations meet the needs of the business, employees and customers. He comes from an enterprise security background, having previously worked on security appliances in the financial industry.  
    Favorite season: Spring  
    Favorite vending machine snack: Nacho Cheese Doritos 

  • Martino Henderson Technical Support Engineer

    As a Technical Support Engineer, Martino is responsible for providing the day-to-day end user technology support for One North's internal employees. He has extensive experience in developing processes and strategies for improving IT service deliverables in a variety of environments. 

    Favorite Season? Fall – It’s cool like spring but less rain and Halloween (my favorite holiday) is in the fall.

    Superpower you wish you had? Shape shifting. It’s like having all the powers. You can become a bird to fly, change into anything to become invisible, stronger, or faster.

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