Building the Firm’s Strategic Communication Foundation

The Situation

Benesch is a 180-attorney law firm with Midwestern roots looking to expand into new markets and change its approach to the marketplace. Growth has always been a theme for Benesch. With a new Managing Partner at the helm, and a renewed appetite for change and growth, Benesch partnered with One North to develop a new communication platform. The goal was to better articulate the firm that Benesch is today, and set a course for the organization it plans to become in the future.

The Strategy

Working closely with Benesch's Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Marketing Communications, One North scoped out a succinct sprint aimed at delivering results in a strategic and structured timeframe. “Project Bedrock” included efforts to review the heritage of the brand, survey the competitive landscape, conduct client and stakeholder interviews, facilitate brand brainstorming sessions and synthesize secondary research for the purpose of defining the essence of the firm and building a communication platform to be used as a rallying point for employees, clients and prospects.

As part of this effort, One North conducted a Brand Attic exercise, during which the team carefully analyzed historic marketing artifacts in search of core themes, language and brand aesthetics. These elements of the brand were used as a jumping off point to plot a communication strategy that would help the firm achieve its strategic plan.

A two-day offsite brainstorming session served as an opportunity to further refine narratives, align the team around objectives, and create unique positioning, purpose and principles that would energize both internal and external audiences.

We’ve been through brand exercises before. All too often, they are long, drawn-out projects with questionable return. What I liked about our engagement with One North is that it was time boxed and fluid. They knew exactly how to get to our core themes and turn those messages into a platform that we can start using today.”

– Jeanne Hammerstrom Chief Marketing Officer, Benesch

The Results

With a direction firmly in hand, One North crafted a compelling storyline, presentation and visuals to help communicate the new direction to the Executive Committee and senior leaders at Benesch. This deliverable included messaging strategies, aesthetic changes and a comprehensive communication plan. With this strong brand foundation, clear vision and detailed plan, Benesch is poised to execute and achieve the firm’s short and long-term goals.

The Services

  • Brand Research & Strategy
  • Strategic Planning

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