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Brand: The Unbreakable Frame

by Ryan Schulz April 8, 2016

Stories are great tools that allow people to connect with and assign value to a message or idea. Telling stories about the brands we market is at the core of what we do as impactful communicators. And with digital, how and when we tell these brand stories has evolved.

We spend most of our time trying to protect the frame that others attempt to put around our organizations. Although digital has the power to make our brand stories more compelling, accessible and personalized, it also forces us to relinquish a lot of control over how those stories are being shared and framed by others when we’re not part of the discussion. In this white paper, we explore how to create a truly differentiated brand – an unbreakable frame – built from the consistent use of identity and character across all communication channels.


Ryan Schulz
Managing Director, Chief Executive

Managing Director, Chief Executive at One North, Ryan is responsible for helping to shape and grow design solutions for clients. He works across practices to develop programs and capabilities that help clients fall in love with the future.