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How not to embarrass yourself at this year’s holiday parties

December 16, 2021

Let’s be honest, sh*t’s been weird these past 20 months. Our once-bustling lives have been reduced to staring at ourselves on Zoom calls and wearing mismatched sweatpants on the couch. But a new challenge lies ahead in these last couple weeks of 2021: in-person holiday parties.

But don’t panic! We at One North have put together a handy list to help you survive this holiday season with only minimal cringe. So, dust off your hard pants, grab a bottle of hand sanitizer, and join us.

#1. No one cares about Tiger King anymore.
Tiger King came out in March 2020. Do you know how many years have passed since then? Ok, just one, but it’s felt like a lot more. Maybe watch a new show? We heard Squid Game is good.


#2. Feel free to, as the kids say, laugh out loud.
Zoom best practice means keeping yourself on mute when you’re not talking. But now, feel free to actually react to things using your mouth. Treat yourself to a nice giggle. Feels good, doesn’t it?


#3. Maybe leave the pets at home.
Pets have been having a great pandemic, thanks. Zoombombing important calls, getting walks in between meetings, you know, the DREAM. But just because your pet knows how to party, doesn’t mean you should bring them to one.


#4. You can't blame bad wifi for not paying attention.
Isn’t technology great? We can communicate with people halfway across the globe and use it as an excuse when we zone out in meetings. If this happens at a party, feel free to gently change the subject by spilling a drink on them or crying.


#5. You don't need to ask people if they can hear you.
They can. You are not on mute. There is no mute… Maybe there never was. ?


#6. Yes, you do need to wear pants.
These days, you’ve likely been all business on top and party on bottom. Alas, this is 1,000% not acceptable once you leave the house. Apparently, there are laws about this sort of thing.


All jokes aside, from all of us at One North, we hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday season. Cheers to 2022!