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One Northerner Spotlight: Marcel Gruber

by Kate Carlson February 10, 2023

One North is proud to showcase Marcel Gruber, a senior developer, for his continued professional success and recent recognition as a Sitecore Technology MVP. Sitecore’s MVP program honors international community members who have exhibited remarkable knowledge of the platform and dedication to sharing their expertise with others in the Sitecore community.

Marcel has been a valuable member of the One North family for over a year and has made significant contributions to the business, earning him a highly distinguished achievement. As a senior developer at One North, Marcel’s goal is to keep clients focused on “the north star” when implementing their digital ideas. He has worn many hats, bringing full-stack web development, SEO, analytics, DevOps, and marketing knowledge to bear on his projects. The result is a uniquely flexible skill set and a comprehensive web development and digital marketing approach.

Marcel began his interest in technology at a young age. After graduating with a degree in Computer Information Systems, he worked in a multitude of development roles before finally joining One North. He has transferred his passion and expertise to his current role, constantly emphasizing the importance of organization and stability in his work. “I put as much care as I can into the code that I write, make sure that I am not a source of chaos, and help others not be a source of chaos.”

His continued delivery of high-quality work in his role has had a significant impact on One North and his fellow colleagues:

Marcel and his team at One North have the drive to create impactful work that not only satisfies their clients but elevates their experiences to new heights. Their work and ideas continually influence and improve the company’s direction, with a focus on innovation and client satisfaction. As Marcel says, “ultimately, it’s all about the client. It’s about making their life easier, giving them that little bit of delight and continually earning their trust.”

Marcel has an unwavering passion for technology and an exceptional track record in delivering solutions. His expertise and commitment have been widely recognized, solidifying his position as a leader in the industry.

Most recently, Marcel has earned the esteemed recognition of becoming a Sitecore Technology MVP. The Sitecore MVP program honors outstanding individuals within the global Sitecore community who demonstrate exceptional platform knowledge and are committed to sharing their technical expertise with the Sitecore community.

Sitecore’s MVP program spans 30 different countries and more than 80 companies, awarding a total of 241 MVPs this year. Marcel is one of only 137 individuals worldwide—and only 6 in Canada—to receive the Sitecore Technology MVP recognition. He is among the 20 percent of honorees named first-time Sitecore MVPs.

Marcel’s team celebrates his achievement and notes that he could not have been more deserving:

MVP status aside, Marcel continues to expand his knowledge, innovate in new fields and work with cutting-edge tech. “The project that I’m working on now, we’re not even done yet, and I’m already so proud of it. I’ve been collaborating with the front-end developers and helping them learn how to build a site with TypeScript and Next.js. It has been a pleasure to innovate within this project and identify unique and novel ways of doing things. We’re building common tools that will help impact future endeavors.”

Marcel’s curiosity and growth mindset bleed into his personal life as well. He enjoys reading and learning new things. He is passionate about staying active—whether that’s, biking, lifting, hiking, or, most recently, Brazilian jiu-jitsu. “Jiu-jitsu often reminds me of work because the job of a developer, ultimately, is to constantly learn. While you’re getting beat up on the floor in jiu-jitsu, you’re always facing challenges and learning, so there are many similarities. While jiu-jitsu is both an art and a science, it is also a technology of sorts; one that you must always be learning and one which is always teaching you things about yourself.” Ask him about his blockchain research and recent coding competition for a couple other interesting nuggets into his life!

Marcel has shown great innovation and accomplishments during his time here at One North. He is constantly seeking new challenges and creating advanced solutions. We cannot wait to see what he and his team are able to accomplish in the future and look forward to supporting their cutting-edge work. We are honored to celebrate his recent recognition as a Sitecore Technology MVP. Well done, Marcel—this honor is richly deserved.

Hero Photo Credit: Saj Shafique | Unsplash

As the Marketing Coordinator at One North, Kate is responsible for assisting with the development and execution of digital and in-person events, promotions, sales enablement, and PR & Social campaigns. She ensures the identity of the One North brand is consistent while also constructing new ideas for internal and external promotions.

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