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Top 10 Figma plugins to amplify your workflow

by Courtney Falconer May 4, 2022

Figma plugins have the potential to be a game changer in your design process. They can help your team automate tasks, alleviate tedious manual work, improve your designs and optimize your design system libraries.

But let’s face it, when you’re just getting started or in rapid creation mode, the last thing on your mind is researching the latest and greatest plugins currently available in the community.

Lucky for you, our team of Figma power users (and enthusiasts) have been collecting our absolute favorite plugins and have identified the ones we want everyone to be aware of. These plugins will speed up your workflow, organize your files and give your team valuable time back in their day.

Automator plugin screenshot


If your team hasn’t heard of this plugin yet, we suggest running (not walking) to install it right now! This plugin lets you create recordable actions in your Figma file. The possibilities and time savings on this one are endless.

Try Automator

Writer for Figma Plugin screenshot

Writer for Figma

On top of the fact that this plugin can check your spelling and grammar (free version), it’s also an AI writing assistant for teams. The Pro plan ($99/year) gives you advanced writing suggestions and writing style customizations. It can make sure all of your content is clear, on-brand, consistent and error-free. The Pro version is especially useful for leaner teams that don’t always have access to brand content strategists and copywriters.

Try Writer for Figma

Rename It plugin screenshot

Rename It

Keep your files tidy and named properly. This plugin allows you to batch rename multiple layers and/or frames at once. This is so useful to make files easy to transition between designers and saves so much time later.

Try Rename It

Design Systems Organizer plugin screenshot

Design System Organizer

This plugin allows you to bulk relink instances and styles between libraries and manage naming with the / folder structure. Keep in mind, it does have a trial period per file it’s used in. After the trial, it has a one-time fee (pay once, and use forever).

Try Design System Organizer

Find and Replace plugin screenshot

Find and Replace

Need to replace a few words you’ve used too much in a presentation? Copied and pasted a spelling issue and want to fix it all at once? Just search it like you would in a text editor!

Try Find and Replace

Figma Tips plugin screenshot

Figma Tips

Do you have new team members that are trying to pick up Figma? These tips are a great way to learn without leaving the software. You can also drop videos into a file to help others learn about different Figma topics.

Try Figma Tips

Faker plugin screenshot


In need of lorem ipsum, fake names, dates, places, addresses, etc.? This plugin has so many options for filling in that content.

Try Faker

Data Sync plugin screenshot

Data Sync

Use API data and sync it with your design. This plugin allows you to use Google Sheets, JSON, XML and CSV through API URL.

Try Data Sync

Insert Big Image plugin screenshot

Insert Big Image

This one is a workaround for the fact that Figma downsizes images larger than 4096px, which results in a blurry image. We are often pulling in large assets, like full-page screenshots, when compiling competitive research or doing a UX audit of existing workflows. With this plugin, you can drag and drop your image into the plugin UI to insert the image at its original resolution.

Try Insert Big Image

Select Layers plugin screenshot

Select Layers

This one can save you headaches and time! This plugin selects layers that partially or exactly match a searched name, layer type and layer similarity.

Try Select Layers

If you find these helpful, you should check out the many other plugins that our team recommends in our FigJam community file.


Photo Credit: Martim Braz | Unsplash

Courtney is a Senior Design Lead at One North. Combining her background in digital, visual and conceptual design with her interest in UX Strategy and coding, Courtney is able to design digital brand experiences that seamlessly blend creativity and usability. When she’s not working, you can typically find her geeking out about new technology, audiobooks/podcasts, cats and unique packaging design.

Fun fact: My dad is from Canada, so I am both an American and Canadian citizen.

Latest hobby: I research and collect fun houseplants, which is a great way to balance my love of screens and technology.

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