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What I’m Looking Forward to at the 2024 Adobe Summit

by Jennifer Lill March 18, 2024

As the premier industry conference that brings together tech professionals, thought leaders, and digital innovators in the field of marketing technology, the Adobe Summit is always the event I look forward to most each year. It serves as a platform for showcasing the latest trends, tool enhancements, and strategies in digital innovation—allowing attendees to gain valuable insights, network with peers, and stay a step ahead in our ever-evolving market landscape.

Adobe’s Summit is highly regarded for its cutting-edge customer success stories, inspirational speakers, and interactive break-out sessions, resulting in a must-attend conference for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and gain insights on which skills to focus on to prepare for the next wave of change. I am most looking forward to a few specifics:

Generative Artificial Intelligence

One of Adobe’s keynote speeches this year is focused on the use of generative AI through the lens of transforming customer engagement. I am particularly interested in hearing what the CTO of Adobe Digital Media has to say on how we can separate the AI hype from the day-to-day reality of what these tools can and cannot offer.

Data-Driven Personalization

We have a particularly complex data landscape that is creating ever-changing customer expectations when it comes to personalization. There are several considerations to make when creating a data strategy: first-party data vs. third-party data, data security, privacy, and consent, not to mention the impending evaporation of third-party cookies. I am excited to hear where Adobe thought leaders recommend we focus our efforts based on the unfolding changes and regulations.

Customer Success Stories

The one highlight I especially look forward to at each Summit is hearing from the customers themselves on how they use Adobe products to create success in their industry. This year, I signed up to hear from Intuit’s product leader for Customer Experience Optimization to learn how they were able to leverage Real-Time CDP and Platform Edge Network for personalization, with the session promising content on:

  • How to collect and use data in-session for more relevant customer experiences
  • Best practices for 1:1 personalization at scale, from first visit and beyond
  • Critical capabilities for build vs. buy evaluations that let you empower marketing teams with more relevant and profitable customer experiences

With a stellar lineup of top-notch speakers, innovative industry leaders, and exciting product demonstrations, I am excited for a truly immersive experience at the 2024 Adobe Summit. It will not only enrich my knowledge of Adobe and its product offerings but also inspire new ideas and afford me the amazing opportunity to create collaborative connections. I look forward to sharing what I know will be great nuggets of insight and inspiration following the show!

If you are planning to attend this year’s Adobe Summit, please feel free to reach out and make a connection with the One North team. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.

Photo Credit: Achim Ruhnau | Unsplash

Jennifer Lill
Lead Technology Strategist

Jennifer is an accomplished strategy professional, passionate about problem-solving and human-centered innovation. With a background in CX, marketing technology, and a master’s degree in education, Jenn has honed her skills in developing cutting-edge solutions for complex technical challenges. She is exceptionally talented in facilitating change management, stakeholder education, and creating scalable growth strategies for her clients.