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Unlike B2B or B2C peers, professional services organizations have a host of hurdles to overcome to successfully present a clear and cohesive brand story in a unique fashion. All too often, marketers find themselves stuck between building the firm brand or building practitioners’ brands.

This session, presented by Ryan Schulz and Kalev Peekna, examines how the use of an umbrella brand and supporting practice area marketing can help drive an integrated and powerful experience.

Kalev and Ryan use real examples to show how firms are using this approach to guide their content, thought leadership, events and digital strategies. The end result is a differentiated and memorable brand experience at every touchpoint.

Kalev Peekna
Managing Director, Chief Strategist

Kalev Peekna is the Chief Strategist at One North. He brings a cross-platform, user-focused approach to innovations in brand development, design, data analysis and technology, and helps clients apply those innovations to their strategic aims.

If I were a vegetable: I would be broccoli. Because I have always wanted someone to call me “cruciferous.”

Most unusual job: Cocktail bartender at a Cabaret

Ryan Schulz
Managing Director, Chief Executive

Managing Director, Chief Executive at One North, Ryan is responsible for helping to shape and grow design solutions for clients. He works across practices to develop programs and capabilities that help clients fall in love with the future.

Key Takeaways
  1. An introduction to a new professional services brand model
  2. A discussion on how to implement the model in a practical and achievable fashion
  3. A deep dive into how practice areas, practitioners and marketers can embrace the framework
  4. Real-world examples of firms that have embraced this new model, and the resulting brand touch points