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The practices and tools of customer experience (CX) strategy can be brought to bear in a variety of contexts, reimagining experiences for customers, patients, employees, recruits and even vendors. Regardless of the context, CX strategy work results in articulated visions for future-state experiences, accompanied by plans for their realization, that are grounded in human needs and shaped to benefit organizations’ businesses within a timeframe that works for them.

Having completed CX strategy for a variety of clients and purposes, we’ve learned that spending extra energy on 4 key deliverables is always worth it, as they form the backbone of any CX strategy. These key deliverables are Insights, Journey Maps, Vision & Guiding Principles, and Illustrative Scenarios.

One North’s Director of Customer Experience Strategy, Kathryn Kollett, breaks down each and explores how they work together to shape a winning CX strategy. She also shares why the process you take to arrive at each matters, and discusses how and where you can get started.

Kat Kollett is the Director of Customer Experience Strategy, leading the CX Strategy team. She brings a multidisciplinary, user-focused approach to innovations in brand, digital, analog, environmental, and interpersonal experiences, and helps clients apply those innovations to meet their strategic objectives.

When I was little: I wanted to be a math professor like my dad (turned out not a good fit), and then an architect. The built environment still calls to me.

Creative outlets (other than work): Homemade Halloween costumes and birthday cakes for my kid, and making toys out of cardboard boxes.

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