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Greetings from Palm Springs: Design Snapshots of The Assembly 2024

by Michael Brown May 28, 2024

Step into a world where the whimsical meets the practical, as we share snapshots of the creative triumphs at our latest annual client event in Palm Springs, themed around the intriguing balance of “Chaos and Control.”

This month, One North’s annual client event took place at The Parker Resort in Palm Springs. Centered around the theme of “Chaos and Control,” the experience exemplified our commitment to thoughtful, memorable design. Showcasing how every detail is conceptualized and executed, the event highlighted a unique and engaging experience tailored to the audience, setting, and theme, offering insights into One North’s design approach that marries creativity with practicality.

Mirroring the Desert:
Color Transitions from Dawn to Dusk

The choice of Palm Springs offered a unique opportunity to utilize the natural and architectural elements of this desert oasis as the foundation for our visual strategy. We developed a color palette that drew from the natural transitions of the desert environment—from the cool, soft hues of dawn to the warm, vibrant tones of dusk. This decision was driven by a desire to seamlessly integrate the event’s setting with our visual narrative, ensuring that our design was responsive to the environment and resonant with our theme of constant change. As the sun shifted across the sky, so too did the color palette of the presentations. Morning presentations featured colors inspired by the sunrise, and afternoon, a palette reflective of the desert sunset to represent the unstoppable, ever-changing quality of the natural (and business) world.

Through the Looking Glass:
Elements of Fantasy and Function

We welcomed attendees with items designed for aesthetic appeal and practical engagement. The contents of the custom-designed tote bags—ranging from glass water bottles to hats and sunblock—were selected for their utility as much as for their design. We further emphasized this practicality through the playful labeling of items that referenced a critical source of inspiration for both the design and the content of each presentation: Lewis Carroll’s
Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

Designing for Discourse:
Fostering Connections in a Wonderland Setting

Our design strategy extended beyond visuals to create a structure for meaningful interaction. We configured event spaces to encourage effortless open conversations among guests, facilitated by elements that were both functional and visually coherent. For example, croquet, giant teacups, and mushrooms provided both visual anchors and conversation starters, while custom coasters served as tactile, engaging pieces that drew guests into the theme and provided instruction for an interactive activity, the results of which appeared in a presentation the following day.

Engaging Encounters:
Socializing in Iconic Spaces

The social aspects of the event were carefully planned to complement and enhance the daytime activities. Guests dined and socialized at the Gene Autry residence, experiencing a space that embodies Palm Springs’s historical and aesthetic values. We chose these settings to subtly underscore the themes of our event, providing a stimulating, relevant, and memorable backdrop.

Anticipating Future Journeys:
Evolving Design and Interaction

As we plan for next year, we aim to refine and expand upon the design principles that made this event successful. Our goal is to continue creating experiences that captivate and engage attendees in meaningful ways, allowing for a personal connection to the space and theme.

We believe in the power of design to transform experiences, applying a thoughtful approach that enriches every aspect of our events. As we look ahead, we are excited to explore the boundaries of creativity and innovation further, ensuring that our future gatherings not only meet but exceed the high standards we’ve set. Join us on this journey of discovery and transformation, where each event is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired, perfectly blending the realms of reality and imagination.

Photo Credit: David Sola | Unsplash

Michael Brown
Creative Director

As Creative Director at One North, Michael helps people clarify their problems and then dream up viable solutions, guiding them toward what’s next. Working with a team of creatives, he oversees the development and implementation of our projects to make sure every element aligns with our goals and is brought to life as intended.