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Customer Experience
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Interview: The Importance of Customer Experience (CX)

by Kate Carlson December 12, 2022

A few One North experts recently sat down with DesignRush to discuss how One North guides brands into the future and creates digital experiences that drive leading businesses forward.

Kat Kollett, Director of Customer Experience Strategy, Kevin Leahy, Director of Content & Brand Strategy, and Kathy Grunditz, Manager of Brand Strategy, provided insight into how they and their teams approach Brand and CX when delivering valuable, differentiated experiences to clients.

In the interview, Kat, Kathy and Kevin touch on:

  • How brands can leverage CX as a deciding factor in customer purchase decisions
  • How brand and CX intersect
  • Industries that should be investing in brand building through CX
  • How to get started, and more

A common theme in their responses emphasized the importance of understanding the ‘big picture’ before diving into the details that come with producing a successful CX and Brand Strategy. It is imperative to have a full understanding of your overall strategy, brand promise, and the needs of your customer before executing any kind of project or change to your organization.

Some of our favorite soundbites from the interview include:

“Your CX must pay off a promise that your brand makes. The important question to ask is: if my brand stands for a certain idea, then for any given experience, how do we ensure that the core idea comes across? How does this experience help pay off what we say we stand for?”

“Any organization that feels vulnerable to disruption should be building its brand through CX. Watch the businesses in your industry that are starting to do things differently. Start trying to understand why they are doing those things and where you might be falling behind or missing opportunities.”

“We have found how important it is to ground yourself in strategy work. The strategy should serve as the foundation of all your work. If you're going to put yourself in the right position for the future, you have to make sure you have the right strategy to get you there.”

Visit DesignRush to read the full interview and get a comprehensive understanding of One North’s approach to CX and Brand.

Photo Credit: Diane Picchiottino | Unsplash

As the Marketing Coordinator at One North, Kate is responsible for assisting with the development and execution of digital and in-person events, promotions, sales enablement, and PR & Social campaigns. She ensures the identity of the One North brand is consistent while also constructing new ideas for internal and external promotions.

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