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Unified digital experiences at scale

by Kalev Peekna, Ryan Horner May 6, 2021

It’s clear that the global pandemic changed consumer behaviors and accelerated digital transformation—from facilitating remote work to delivering products and services via contactless experiences.

Companies quickly introduced new services and delivery models to maintain business continuity and reach customers in new ways, and consumers were willing to allow for growing pains as everyone adjusted to the unprecedented circumstances.

“Transformation is really about how brands apply a digital-first mindset to every customer interaction.”

Ryan Horner, Managing Director of Technology at One North

Now, however, brands must go back to the drawing board. They must evaluate the products and services created during the pandemic and decide what should be maintained, fine-tuned or retired. One North leaders Kalev Peekna and Ryan Horner shared the following CX insights in TEKSystems’ Version Next, Now and on the Agile World podcast on improving agility, orchestrating experiences across digital and physical domains, and how data strategy should drive personalization.

  • Sometimes, the key is to be better—not faster. Apple wasn’t first to market with a smartphone. They did, however, learn from what competitors like BlackBerry delivered, and then improved upon that with a better customer experience.
  • Orchestrating brand experiences across digital and physical experiences fuels customer delight. Today’s savvy consumer expects a frictionless brand experience, regardless of how or where that interaction takes place.
  • It’s essential to have the right stakeholders seated at the table from the beginning. Too often, there are silos or a perception that the product is owned by a single function. From day one, your team must include expertise from functions such as marketing, product, IT, design and lines-of-business.
  • To drive personalization, it’s critical to have the right data and an understanding of that data from the very beginning. “Without data, you’re driving blind,” says Horner. When using data analytics to drive personalized experiences, brands should focus on the totality of the customer journey and pinpoint where on that journey personalization can deliver the most value.

“Almost all personalization is not just data-centric but data-driven.”

Kalev Peekna, Chief Strategist at One North

For more perspective on how to construct an end-to-end customer journey, check out TEKsystems’ latest issue of Version Next, Now: Unified Digital Experiences at Scale.


Photo Credit: Matt Benson | Unsplash

Kalev Peekna
Managing Director, Chief Strategist

Kalev Peekna is the Chief Strategist at One North. He brings a cross-platform, user-focused approach to innovations in brand development, design, data analysis and technology, and helps clients apply those innovations to their strategic aims.

If I were a vegetable: I would be broccoli. Because I have always wanted someone to call me “cruciferous.”

Most unusual job: Cocktail bartender at a Cabaret

Ryan Horner
Managing Director, Technology

As Managing Director of Technology, Ryan is responsible for overseeing One North’s strategy related to technical applications, systems and client implementations. He got his start at age seven, programming an Apple IIe.

Last thing you geeked-out about: This happens on a daily basis, oftentimes to the internet of things coming to life and novel uses of the technology-enabled sharing economy – or some combination of the two.

Most unusual job: I grew up on a working farm, so I’ve had lots of unusual jobs: baling straw, sweeping bins, cleaning a cattle barn, etc.